Producer Picks: June is Audiobook Month Edition
7 Summer Listens from Audiobook Producers

June is Audiobook Month, which means there’s no better time to catch up with our all-star audiobook producers and ask them what listens we should have in our headphones for the rest of the summer. With these expert recs in your back pocket, you’ll be the best-read person on the beach, in the park, and at every cookout.

In this latest installment of Producer Picks, meet six members of the team and the seven audiobooks they’re gushing about for the season:

Sarah Jaffe Headshot

Sarah Jaffe on Stranger Care:

Stranger Care wrecked me in the best possible way. In her memoir of parenting a foster child, Sarah Sentilles grapples with the cost of loving deeply, and what a society where we acknowledge our interconnectedness and truly care for one another might look like. Her prose is beautiful, clear and sharp, and she writes (and narrates) with her whole heart – essential listening for anyone who has ever loved (or wanted to love) anyone, even if (like me) you’re not and might never be a parent.”

Listen to a clip from Stranger Care:

Brian Ramcharan Headshot

Brian Ramcharan on Victim F:

Victim F is the shocking true story of kidnapping victims Denise Huskins & Aaron Quinn. The story is quite disturbing, as it follows the accounts of both victims through their kidnapping and their struggle with the justice system. However, Brittany Pressley, James Fouhey, and Samantha Desz do an incredible job of making this story approachable and keeping you at the edge of your seat. You’ll feel like you’re right there in the interrogation room with them.”

Listen to a clip from Victim F:

Nick Martorelli Headshot

Nick Martorelli on Above the Reich:

“We’ve all heard about the pilots of World War II. But Above the Reich is different – we get to hear the pilots themselves tell their stories. Using interviews these men gave over the course of their lives, Colin Heaton and Anne-Marie Lewis have created a series of first-person accounts of the horrors, thrills, and struggles of war, as told by the men who lived it. Macleod Andrews acts as our guide through the book, and a different narrator brings each pilot to life. Their engaging performances bring the history alive in a compelling way.”

Listen to a clip from Above the Reich:

Molly Lo Re Headshot

Molly Lo Re on Songs in Ursa Major:

“Inspired by James Taylor and Joni Mitchell’s relationship, Songs in Ursa Major is the story of Jane Quinn, a brilliant singer songwriter at the cusp of being discovered and Jesse Reid, a denim-clad rock legend. Anyone who enjoys the seventies, rock and roll or star-crossed love stories will not be able to stop listening to this book. Kristen Sieh narrates masterfully, finding the razor thin edge between Jane’s vulnerability and strength that makes the story shine.”

Listen to a clip from Songs in Ursa Major:

Amber Beard Headshot

Amber Beard on Letters to a Young Athlete:

“For fans of Chris, the NBA, or basketball this book will be an intriguing look into what motivates and drives a top-tier athlete. But also as someone who had to “give up their dream” earlier than expected due to a health diagnosis it’s really inspiring for everyone. Chris and his team were so wonderful to work with!”

Listen to a clip Letters to a Young Athlete:

Kelly Gildea Headshot

Kelly Gildea on While Justice Sleeps:

“Stacey Abrams is a hero of mine, so what an honor it was to work on this project. It’s an incredible thriller with tons of political and legal intrigue: perfect for a great summer listen! Plus, our audio has the special feature of an original introduction, written and read by Stacey herself, where she talks about the genesis of the idea. I highly recommend!”

Listen to a clip from While Justice Sleeps:

Kelly Gildea on Shoko’s Smile:

“I loved, loved, loved this collection of short stories, which are beautifully written portraits of young women in South Korea. Each one was singularly raw and stayed with me long after reading. We took a lot of time and care with this production, and it’s one you won’t forget.”

Listen to a clip from Shoko’s Smile:

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