Veterans Day
9 Audiobooks to Honor Veterans

In these nine audiobooks, we experience the stories of the many soldiers who have fought for our country throughout history, and we are reminded of the human sacrifice, struggles, dedication, and triumph that are part of war.


Into the Fire
Author: Bing West and Dakota Meyer
Read By: Zach McLarty

Ordered to remain behind with the vehicles, twenty-one-year-old Marine corporal Dakota Meyer disobeyed orders and attacked in order to rescue his comrades at the chaotic battle of Ganjigal, Afghanistan. For the first time, Meyer tells the full story.
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Flags of Our Fathers

James Bradley has captured the glory, the triumph, the heartbreak, and the legacy of the six men who raised the flag at Iwo Jima. Here is the true story behind the immortal photograph that has come to symbolize the courage and indomitable will of America.
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The Gift of Valor

The true story of US Marine corporal Jason Dunham’s brave act that saved fellow Marines and earned him the Congressional Medal of Honor.
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The Mighty Eighth

This is the dramatic oral history of the Army Air Corps and the newly created Eighth Air Force, stationed in Britain, an army of hard-fighting, hard-playing flying men who suffered more fatalities than the entire US Marine Corps in the Pacific campaign of World War II.
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No Hero
Author: Kevin Maurer and Mark Owen
Read By: Paul Michael

Following his multimillion-copy classic about the bin Laden mission, No Easy Day, former Navy SEAL Mark Owen tells the stories from his career that were most personal to him and that made him the person he is today.
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Portraits of Courage

President Bush’s collection of oil paintings and stories of military veterans’ courage and resilience honor our men and women in uniform, highlight their family and caregivers who bear the burden of their sacrifice, and help Americans understand how we can support veterans and empower them to succeed. The CD package contains a full-color ninety-six-page booklet featuring all of the portraits from the book as well as a foldout of the murals. 
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Red Platoon

Red Platoon is the riveting firsthand account of the Battle of Keating, told by Clinton Romesha, who spearheaded both the defense of the outpost and the counter attack that drove the Taliban back beyond the wire. He received the Medal of Honor for his actions.
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Shooting Ghosts

Through the unpredictability of war and its aftermath, a decorated Marine sergeant and a world-trotting war photographer became friends. Their story, told in alternating first-person narratives, is about the things they saw and did, the ways they have been affected, and how they have navigated the psychological aftershocks of war.
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Tough As They Come

Thousands have been wounded in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Five have survived quadruple amputee injuries. This is one soldier’s story.
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