Ideas & Action podcast
A New Podcast for Book & Audiobook Fans

Here in Audioland we don’t only have audiobooks on the brain—podcasts also get our synapses firing. Especially new, bookish podcasts featuring authors we know you want to hear from. Freshly launched in February, the Ideas & Action podcast from One World press gives listeners an opportunity to hear from leading thinkers, activists, and authors as they explore the challenges facing our society today. The genesis for the podcast comes from One World’s popular virtual event series, Ideas x Action, in which the imprint’s award-winning, movement-building authors (Ibram X. Kendi, Karla Cornejo Villavicencio, Ta-Nehisi Coates, Alicia Garza, Heather McGhee, and more) go in-depth with the One World team to explore our collective past, seek to understand our present world, and work towards creating brighter futures together.

One World Editor-in-Chief Chris Jackson and One World Senior Editor Nicole Counts, along with the rest of the One World team, seek to bridge the gap not only between a publishing imprint and its readers, but also between people who love books and hold tight to the promise of what this country can be, and the insights of artists, thinkers, and innovators who live that promise through their work.

The Ideas & Action podcast—using interviews, interstitial commentary, and bonus story episodes—showcases the breadth of our authors, as well as their storytelling techniques, and how their work, in conversation with each other’s, can help us build a more liberated, invigorating, meaningful life, individually and collectively.Nicole Counts, Senior Editor, One World

Listen to Editor-in-Chief Chris Jackson share a bit more about the Ideas & Action podcast:

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