All Bodies Are Good Bodies: Audiobooks that Celebrate You
All Bodies Are Good Bodies: Audiobooks That Celebrate You

In a month that seems to center high expectations and a “new year, new you” mentality, we’re here with your gentle reminder that you don’t need a new body to achieve your 2023 goals: you are built perfectly, just as you are.

Show yourself love with these audiobooks that celebrate the different ways that bodies look and function. From personal essays to relatable fiction to the pep talk you didn’t know you needed, each of these listens is ready to meet you where you are. Go ahead, crush on yourself.

Have you ever felt uncomfortable or not “at home” in your body? In Reclaiming Body Trust, therapist Hilary Kinavey and registered dietician Dana Sturtevant invite listeners to break free from the status quo and reject a diet culture that has taken advantage and profited from trauma, stigma, and disembodiment, and fully reclaim and embrace their bodies.

Charlie Vega is a lot of things: Smart. Funny. Artistic. Ambitious. Fat. People sometimes have a problem with that last one. Charlie wants a good relationship with her body, but it’s hard. But there’s one person who’s always in Charlie’s corner: her best friend Amelia. So when Charlie starts a tentative relationship with Brian, the first guy to notice her, everything is perfect until she learns one thing—he asked Amelia out first. Fat Chance, Charlie Vega tackles our relationships to our parents, our bodies, our cultures, and ourselves.

Author: Lisa Fipps
Read By: Jenna Lamia

Ever since her fifth birthday party, Ellie’s been bullied about her weight. To cope, she tries to live by the Fat Girl Rules like “avoid eating in public,” and “don’t move so fast that your body jiggles.” But in her swimming pool she feels weightless. In the water, she can take up all the room she wants. In Starfish, Ellie might finally be able to cast aside the Fat Girl Rules and starfish outside of the pool by unapologetically being her own fabulous self.

Author: Mara Altman
Read By: Mara Altman

Mara Altman’s volatile and apprehensive relationship with her body has led her to wonder about a lot of stuff over the years. With a combination of personal anecdotes and fascinating research, Gross Anatomy holds up a magnifying glass to our beliefs, practices, biases, and body parts and shows us the naked truth: that there is greatness in our grossness.

One in five people in the United States lives with a disability. Some disabilities are visible, others less apparent—but all are underrepresented in media and popular culture. In Disability Visibility, activist Alice Wong brings together this urgent, galvanizing audiobook collection of contemporary essays by disabled people.

In Everything’s Trash, But It’s Okay, Phoebe Robinson tackles a wide range of topics like giving feminism a tough-love talk on intersectionality and telling society’s beauty standards to kick rocks. She’s struggled with being a woman with a political mind and a woman with an ever-changing jeans size. She knows about trash because she sees it every day.

Katie Sturino knows all too well what it’s like to be down on yourself. She spent thirty years of her life feeling ashamed of her body and its self-determined wrongness. Now Sturino is here to help you stop obsessing about your body issues, focus on self-love, and free up space in your brain for creative and productive energy: Body Talk encourages you to spend less time thinking about how you look and what you eat and more time discovering your inner fierceness.


Start body neutrality and positivity early with audiobooks for kids that foster self-acceptance and self-love!