All Our Wrong Todays: Mistakes, Love & Time Travel

“There’s no such thing as the life you’re supposed to have,” Elan Mastai writes in All Our Wrong Todays. Tackling time travel, alternate universes, love, grief, success, and self-knowledge, Mastai has created an engaging book full of big ideas.

All Our Wrong Todays is the fictional memoir of Tom Barren, who lives in a technologically advanced world where everyone is content, health care is top-notch, and life is easy. But Tom is unhappy. He’s directionless, can’t live up to the self-centered genius of his father, and is reeling from the loss of both his mother and the woman he loves. To improve his lot, he decides to use the time machine his father built and winds up in an alternate life, where both his parents are alive and caring, he has a sister, he meets a different version of the love of his life, and he is very happy. Will he stay in this new life, or will he fix his terrible mistake?

Elan Mastai narrates the audiobook, lending a warm and immediate quality to Tom Barren’s story. Intriguing, smart, and emotional, All Our Wrong Todays is a book you’ll want to share and discuss with others.

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