Author Allan Woodrow
Allan Woodrow and the Greatest Author Audiobook Interview Ever

Allan Woodrow agreed to be interviewed for today’s blog post. When no one volunteered to interview him, he agreed to interview himself.

Thanks for sitting with yourself today, Allan.
It’s my pleasure.

Your new book, The Curse of the Werepenguin, is funny, scary, and quite possibly the finest book ever written about werepenguins.
Is that a question or a statement?

A statement.
I believe it’s also the only book ever written about werepenguins.

When Penguin Random House contacted you with the idea of creating an audiobook for The Curse of the Werepenguin, what was your first reaction?
Ow, my eye!

Excuse me?
I was scratching my nose when I heard the news and was so excited I poked myself in the eye. My second reaction was more joyful. I love audiobooks.

Do you listen to audiobooks frequently?
I do. When I’m driving I usually have an audiobook playing in my car. I might be driving for an hour, but with an audiobook it seems like the journey takes minutes. Usually I’m so engrossed, I sit in a parking lot until the chapter is over.

Do cars honk at you?
Sometimes. I should probably sit in the car instead of the parking lot.

Would you ever consider narrating your own audiobook?
That’s a great question. I must say, you’re an incredible interviewer.

Narrator Oliver Wyman

Narrator Oliver Wyman

Thank you.
But no, I wouldn’t be a very good narrator. The narrator for The Curse of the Werepenguin is the very talented Oliver Wyman. He embodies the characters, gives each their own unique voice, and really understands how to build suspense or deliver a punch line. When I’m listening to him, I forget it is only one person reading and not an entire cast. That’s what great narrators do—they transport you to a different world, a different place, without sound effects or music or anything but their own skill. I started out my career in advertising you know…

I did know that.
…and spent a lot of time writing radio commercials, which I would also produce. So I’ve spent hundreds upon hundreds of hours in recording studios with voice-over actors, listening and directing, polishing and producing their tracks. Because of that, I have a deep-rooted appreciation for how hard great narration is. It really takes a special talent.

Well it’s easier to have great narration when you start with a great book. Like yours.
That’s exactly what I was thinking. It’s almost like you can read my mind.

Your favorite color is blue.
That’s right. Wow!

Which do you prefer, reading a book or listening to a book?
I actually prefer coloring a book. For some reason, audio versions of most coloring books just aren’t very well done.

Thank you for speaking with us, Allan. By the way, I love your hat.

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