The Animators: Friendship, Love, and Art Abound

The Animators is a story about two best friends, Mel and Sharon. Sharon tells their history—from meeting in college in an animation course to finding success with their first animated feature film—all the while sharing her own experience of fully coming into adulthood.

Listening to Alex McKenna narrate this audiobook is highly engrossing. She easily captures Sharon and Mel, each with their own distinct voice, in addition to bringing to life a slew of other characters. McKenna’s voice combined with Kayla Rae Whitaker’s fantastic writing creates a world that draws the listener in. Passages about growing up, having a passion for art, experiencing pain, love, and sadness, knowing what you want, learning how to allow yourself to be vulnerable and honest with others, and, ultimately, accepting yourself are beautiful.

The Animators is a story that anyone can identify with in some way. One of the most universal themes that will reverberate long after the audiobook is over is something Mel says in one of their films:

“I spent years trying to outrun myself. Trying to make enough noise to drown myself out. It makes me ashamed to admit this, but it’s ok to let yourself catch up. It’s ok if you work to catch up to the things that have happened to you. You do it for yourself. But also for the people around you. The people who deserve to experience you, undiluted, honest. Your genuine self given to them…Your life is the people who fill it, and nothing is good without them.”

Listen to an excerpt from The Animators, read by Alex McKenna: THE ANIMATORS