Audiobook Horoscopes for the Autumnal Equinox

Grab your cardigans, your hot cider, and your headphones: Fall is here.

While we all recognize January as the official fresh start month, the equinox is a great time to take stock of your world now, including the playlist of books you’d love to listen to in the months before 2020 comes to a close.

We’ve asked the stars what they have in store for you this season, and they answered with some audiobook recommendations personalized for your zodiac sign. So thoughtful, those stars.


How was your season, Virgo? If we know you at all, we bet you spent most of it doing what you do best: hustling. While that’s not out of the norm for you, there’s a chance you’ve been spreading yourself a little thin. Pick one or two things to really focus on, and go full steam ahead in that true Virgo manner. Your power is unmatched!

You should listen to: A Knock at Midnight by Brittany K. Barnett


Sing it with me: happy biiiirthdaaay deeeear Libraaaa! You’re feeling like a big old social butterfly right now (is it a wonder people want to serenade you wherever you go?). Lean into that feeling and throw yourself a safe-and-respectful birthday rager. Don’t think too much: you’re on your own journey and reveling in it right now. Let that be enough.

You should listen to: Eat a Peach by David Chang


“Flux” is your official word for Fall, Scorp. You’re mondo busy right now, but seriously take some time to reconnect with yourself. You’ve got to make sure there’s no secret part of yourself that’s gone askew while you weren’t looking. Focus on yourself in a big way, regardless of the chatter from other people.

You should listen to: What Are You Going Through by Sigrid Nunez


Put on your party hooves, pony! You, like your Libra friend, are feeling wildly social. Give it your all: you’re about to come across a whole slew of good energy people you never knew you needed. Open your heart to this new community. You’re also going to have to get creative to indulge these soc sensibilities: safety first, Sag.

You should listen to:The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman


Take a sniff of that crisp Autumn air: it’s going to provide you with the motivation you need to meet your goals. Don’t let those dreams sit around in your imagination gathering dust and a weird smell. This is your fresh start, and you are on your way to making them happen. No apologies necessary.

You should listen to: The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown


Even YOU are finding something utterly romantic about Autumn. You may even find yourself having faith in make-believe. Don’t panic, and stay soft! You’re feeling so dreamy about everything: your imagination is running wild thinking of trips, ideas, and a big beautiful life.

You should listen to: The Roommate by Rosie Danan


You’re just so darn charming. Always, of course, but you’re dazzling a few more people than usual right now. Use that charm to get some clarity from people in your life. Once the fog has lifted, all of your bonds will be strengthened, and you’ll feel comfortable committing to something long term.

You should listen to The Lying Life of Adults by Elena Ferrante


You’re feeling at peace these days–it’s nearly harmonious. You have an idea of how you got here, but who could blame you for not wanting to examine it too much? Keep thinking about boundaries, compromise, and health: all things that will help you keep this calm bliss.

You should listen to: Livewired by David Eagleman


Are you the reincarnation of James Dean? Because you are a rebel without a cause! Use this desire to march to the beat of your own drum to make a creative, out-of-the-box new self-care routine. Get it right, and it will carry you through the chilly half of the year with ease.

You should listen to: Harrow Lake by Kat Ellis


Usually you’re the one who is full of surprises, but you should be ready for one certain individual in your life to shock you in the coming season. Lead where they follow, but don’t forget that your light shines brightly too. When the two of you pair up, you’ll illuminate everything for miles around.

You should listen to: Daddy by Emma Cline


What you need is perhaps right under your nose, little crab. You’ve been thinking a lot about the concept of home: does where you are really feel like home? Take stock, go back to your roots, and make a change if the answer to that question is “no.” You’ll need a fortress before the frost comes in.

You should listen to: Me and Sister Bobbie by Willie Nelson


Have you been hanging out with Libra and Sagittarius? If not, you very well may be soon. Like a good fire sign, you’ve found yourself at the very center of whatever social life is these days. While that’s your nature, it could be wildly beneficial for you to take some time off and sneak away. You’ll return your full roaring self, with plenty of memories to meditate on as the cold front rolls in.

You should listen to: On All Fronts by Clarissa Ward