Audiobooks and Book Clubs: Pick a theme!

Audiobooks are perfect for multi-tasking, so why not do the same with your book club meeting?  Here are a few ideas for combining activities along with listening, and maybe even your discussion too:

Knitting Clubs:  Bring together a group centered around two interests – knitting and books.  Members can swap patterns and advice, or knit during the discussion.  Preparation for the meetings is easy:  listen while you knit!  For some title suggestions, visit:

Brush Up on Your History:  We are headed into a very exciting presidential election year.  Use this time to listen to a presidential memoir and be ready for some great debates and heated discussions about future presidents at your meeting!

Business Talks, You Listen:  With audiobooks you get a one- on-one session with some of the best experts around, and with an audiobook club you can discuss these ideas and their merit.  These business books are recommended for listening when you are traveling or just looking for some professional advice.

Running Clubs:  Maybe dieting isn’t your cup of tea – so try a running club instead!  Audiobooks help the miles fly by so take a book on the road and be ready for your next book club meeting after just a few runs!  Discuss your routes and race prep with your club along with that great thriller that pushed you up those hills.  Or better yet, have your book club meeting on your next long  run!  Meet in the park and discuss as you go.  Here are some great energetic suggestions to speed along your upcoming work outs.

Big Screen in a Small Package:  Listen before you see it with movie tie-ins.  Movies can create a huge amount of interest in a book title, and most people want to experience the book first.  Listen to the audiobook, then see the movie!  Afterwards, have a meeting to compare the two.  Here are some titles we recommend based on new movie releases.

Fodder for Foodies:  Everyone can listen while they cook and then bring their favorite dish, the recipe, and their reactions to the story.  Pour a bottle of wine to really get the discussion flowing!   Here are some suggestions for listening while you cook:

“While im cooking, I tend to listen to audiobooks.  Its one of the great ways to spend a day for me- in the kitchen with a great audiobook.”  – Ruth Reichl, author of ­Delicious!, Tender at the Bone, Comfort Me with Apples, and Garlic and Sapphires

Mother-Daughter Time:  Listening clubs can provide a much needed time block for mothers and daughters to unite over their common interest.  They can listen together while preparing dinner or driving home from soccer practice, and then share their opinions with other members of the group.  Click here to see some great suggestions.

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