Audiobooks and Book Clubs: Suggested Questions

Like book clubs, audiobook clubs offer the all too rare opportunity for socializing and discussing literature with friends.  However, listening adds another dimension to a story.  Audiobooks have the words and literature to examine and discuss, but also the performance of the reader to consider.

Here is a list to get the discussion started.


  1. How well does the audiobook performer “describe” the different characters through his or her voice (use of accent, tone, rhythm of speech)?
  2. If the performer is female, how does she act out the dialogue of the male characters (and vice versa)? Is the performance believable or distracting?  Are the characters distinguishable?
  3. Would you have cast some other actor in the production of the audiobook? If so, why?
  4. How well does the performer capture the author’s narrative voice – that is, the descriptive passages that contain no dialogue and are not attributable to any particular character?
  5. Was the choice of a male or female actor appropriate to the text?
  6. Did the narrator do a straight read or create voices for the individual characters? Was the decision effective?



  1. How well does the book translate to audio? Is the material better suited to listening or reading?
  2. Discuss plot and character development.
  3. Why did the author choose to tell the strory from a particular character’s point of view? Is this point of view limited or omniscient?
  4. Is the story told via first person or third person or a combination of the two? Is this choice effective?  Does it limit, or open up the story?
  5. What are the audiobook’s peak moments of crisis?
  6. Talk about the heart of the book and the emotional centers of energy. What does the story mean to you?
  7. Is the story resolved in a satisfying way?
  8. Is there one character that anyone loved? Or hated?

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