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Audiobooks for a Silly Spring Break

What has four wheels, plenty of snacks, and giggles that can be heard from miles around? Your car, playing audiobooks on the way to your vacation destination!

Family road trips don’t have to be a challenge—there are audiobooks for every age bracket that will have kids (and parents!) laughing out loud and the miles whirring by. Beware, though: the audiobooks on this list may be too much fun—listeners may notice side effects of belly laughs and not wanting to get out of the car.

Eleven-year-old P. T. Wilkie may be the greatest storyteller alive. But he knows one thing for a fact: the Wonderland Motel is the best place a kid could ever live! There’s only one thing the Wonderland doesn’t have, though—customers. And if the Wonderland doesn’t get them soon, P.T. and his friend Gloria may have to say goodbye to their beloved motel forever. They need to think BIG. They need to think BOLD. They need an OUTRAGEOUS plan. With Gloria’s smarts and P.T.’s world-famous stories and schemes, there’s got to be a way to save the Wonderland!

BONUS: find out how author Chris Grabenstein picked Bryan Kennedy to be the zany series narrator!

Elouise (Lou) Parker is determined to have the absolute best, most impossibly epic summer of her life. She’s landed a job at Magic Castle Playland…as a giant dancing hot dog. But it could be Lou and company’s last summer at Magic Castle –ever–unless she can find a way to stop it from closing. Jennifer Dugan’s sparkling debut coming-of-age queer romance stars a princess, a pirate, a hot dog, and a carousel operator–all voiced by Earphones Award-winning narrator Brittany Pressley–who find love in unexpected places.

Author: Dean Hale and Shannon Hale
Read By: Julia Whelan

Princess Magnolia is having hot chocolate and scones with Duchess Wigtower when . . . Brring! Brring! The monster alarm! Stopping monsters is no job for prim and perfect Princess Magnolia. But luckily Princess Magnolia has a secret: she’s also the Princess in Black! Can Princess Magnolia sneak away, transform into her alter ego, and defeat the monster before the nosy duchess discovers her secret? Find out in this fun-filled audiobook read by beloved narrator Julia Whelan.

Movies have always helped Ethan Ashby make sense of the world. So when developers swoop in and say the classic Green Street Cinema is going to be destroyed to make room for luxury condos, Ethan–and a motley crew of cinema employees–are ready for battle This Book is Not Yet Rated, narrated by fan-favorite Kirby Heyborne, is about growing up, letting go, and realizing love hides in plain view–in the places that shape us, the people who raise us, the first loves who leave us, and the lives that fade in and fade out all around us.

In the iconic film by Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale, teenaged Marty McFly travels back in time from the 1980s to the 1950s, changing the path of his parents’ destiny…as well as his own. In Get Thee Back to the Future!,every scene and line of dialogue from the hit movie is re-created with authentic Shakespearean rhyme, meter, and stage directions. Hear Doc, Marty, and all their companions come to life 16th century-style in this incredible audiobook production performed by a full cast.

Power struggles. Bitter rivalries. Jealousy. Betrayals. Star-crossed lovers. When you consider all these plot points, it’s pretty surprising William Shakespeare didn’t write Mean Girls. But now fans can treat themselves to the epic drama—and heroic hilarity—of the classic teen comedy rendered with the wit, flair, and iambic pentameter of the Bard. A talented full cast has come together to perform the audiobook, giving Cady, Janis, Damian, the Plastics, and the dreamy Aaron Samuels an Elizabethan makeover.

Rumple Buttercup has five crooked teeth, three strands of hair, green skin, and his left foot is slightly bigger than his right. He is weird. Join him, Candy Corn Carl (his imaginary friend made of trash), and author/narrator Matthew Gray Gubler as they learn the joy of individuality as well as the magic of belonging.

Jake cracks up the crowd as a budding comedian at the Music and Art Academy talent show, but his new ego is no laughing matter. And when he starts blowing off his friends to pursue his “art,” Jake’s big head becomes a huge bummer. Plus, being the funny man is way tougher than it looks. Luckily, Jake has his mentor Maury Kovalski, a retired comedy showstopper, to teach him the ropes about humor–and humility–before Jake loses all his biggest fans and best friends in this audiobook chuckle-fest read by Sullivan Jones.