Yes We Will: Asian Americans Who Shaped This Country by Kelly Yang
Audiobooks for Kids & Teens for AANHPI Heritage Month

May is Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander (AANHPI) Heritage Month! Educate, celebrate, and have a world of fun with audiobooks for every member of your family by AANHPI authors, featuring AANHPI characters and prominent figures.

From sweet and inspiring picture books to middle grade adventures to sweeping stories for teens, the audiobooks featured here are for everyone. This list is by no means exhaustive, but it is a place to celebrate AANHPI excellence in books, introduce children and teens to the vast diversity in cultures that make up AANHPI heritage, and to find your family’s new favorite listen.

For Little Listeners

Author: Kelly Yang
Read By: Sura Siu

From NYT bestselling author Kelly Yang comes Yes We Will, a picture book adapted for audio, about Asian American changemakers–from musicians to astronauts to politicians–doing everything they dreamed of and inspiring all of us to reach for new heights.

Neela loves cooking with her amma. It makes her feel closer to her paati who lives far away in India. Neela and Amma go to the green market for tomatoes to make Paati’s famous sauce. As Neela and Amma learn about different kinds of tomatoes and cook together, they find a way for Paati to share in both the love and the flavors of the day in Tomatoes for Neela.

In the 15th century four Mahu, extraordinary individuals of dual male and female spirit, sail from Tahiti to Hawaii and share their gifts of science and healing with the people of Waikiki. The islanders return this gift with a monument of four boulders in their honor, which the Mahu imbue with healing powers before disappearing. In Kapaemahu, the power of the Mahu still calls out to those who pass by them at Waikiki Beach today.


For Middle Graders

Theo Tan doesn’t want a spirit companion. He just wants to be a normal American kid. But, when his older brother dies, Theo ends up inheriting Jamie’s fox spirit, Kai, who isn’t happy about the arrangement either. In Theo Tan and the Fox Spirit, Theo must learn to embrace his heritage and work with Kai to solve the mystery of his brother’s death.

Author: Lisa Yee
Read By: Yu-Li Alice Shen

Maizy has never been to Last Chance, Minnesota…until now. As Maizy spends more time in Last Chance (where she and her family are the only Asian Americans) and at the Golden Palace—the restaurant that’s been in her family for generations—she makes discoveries and unearths family secrets. Find the answers in Maizy Chen’s Last Chance.

Author: Van Hoang
Read By: Kim Mai Guest

Thom Ngoh thought the Monkey King was her friend, but really he was just using–and tricking–her. Now the Monkey King is waging a war and Thom must do everything in her power to fix the mess she made. In Girl Giant and the Jade War, Thom and her friends set off on a far flung adventure to save the Heavens and the Jade Emperor from certain destruction.

For Teens

From #1 bestselling author Sabaa Tahir comes All My Rage, a brilliant, unforgettable, and heart-wrenching contemporary novel about family and forgiveness, love and loss, in a sweeping story that crosses generations and continents.

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