Audiobooks For the Mind & Body

Since 1949, May has marked the observance of Mental Health Month. Each year there is a different theme under the overarching idea of self-care and the importance of mental health in gauging overall wellness.The 2018 theme is “Fitness #4Mind4Body.” Take a listen to these audiobooks about making mental and bodily health goals simultaneously, and prepare to be inspired.

Author: Lia Huber
Read By: Lia Huber

Hunger comes to us in many forms, writes Lia Huber: we long to be satisfied not just physically but emotionally and spiritually as well. Nourished invites listeners on Huber’s world-roaming search to find the necessary ingredients to nurture all three.NOURISHED

Running with Mindfulness

Letting your mind wander as you take a long walk, a slow jog, or a brisk run can give you a powerful, uplifting feeling. Some call it a runner’s high; some attribute it to endorphins. In this interactive workbook, psychotherapist William Pullen teaches you to channel that exhilarating energy and use it to make positive change in your life.RUNNING WITH MINDFULNESS

If Our Bodies Could Talk

In 2014, James Hamblin launched a series of videos for The Atlantic called “If Our Bodies Could Talk.” With it, the doctor-turned-journalist established himself as a seriously entertaining authority in the field of health. Now, in illuminating and genuinely funny prose, Hamblin explores the human stories behind health questions that never seem to go away—and which tend to be mischaracterized and oversimplified by marketing and news media. He covers sleep, aging, diet, and much more.IF OUR BODIES COULD TALK

Shades of Hope

One of the foremost experts on eating addiction, Tennie McCarty uses her own inspiring story, as well as the treatment from her famous retreat center, Shades of Hope, to help readers break the endless cycle of diets. This is not a guide to losing weight. There are millions of people who bounce from one diet to another without understanding why, because they never look beyond their plates. McCarty believes that food addiction is a physical and mental problem with a spiritual solution.SHADES OF HOPE

What She Ate

Everyone eats, and food touches every aspect of our lives—social and cultural, personal and political. Yet most biographers pay little attention to people’s attitudes toward food, as if the great and notable never bothered to think about what was on the plate in front of them. Asking how someone relates to food leads to a world of provocative insights. Food stories can be as intimate and revealing as stories of love, work, or coming-of-age.WHAT SHE ATE