Audiobooks For the Spring Equinox Based on Your Astrological Sign

Congratulations, you’ve made it through another winter! Today (March 20, 2019) is the Vernal Equinox, which means spring has sprung and a brand new astrological year has begun.
Everything, it seems, is blooming. This includes goals, flowers, and relationships. Luckily, you will never be without the perfect audiobook (hand-selected for your sign!) as you embark on your brand new endeavors.


You’re on fire , Aries, and not just because it’s literally your season (happy birthday!). Your hustling energy is infectious—you seem to be having a good creative idea once a minute. Take advantage of this time, and dare to be a little bolder.

One to listen to now: Gingerbread by Helen Oyeyemi
One for the TLT (to-listen-to ): A Woman of No Importance by Sonia Purnell


Hey Taurus, this spring turn your energy towards building yourself up! Soon you’ll be filled with enough determination to give your own thoughts and opinions more weight than those of people who may be less than supportive. That confidence will be key in aiming yourself directly towards your dreams.

One to listen to now: The Truths We Hold by Kamala Harris
One for the TLT: These Witches Don’t Burn by Isabel Sterling


It may feel like you juuuust settled in, but hop on out of that routine, Gemini! You have so much more to offer than the mundane of the day-to-day. Push yourself a little further this spring (a home project? A new side hustle?)—the happiness you’ll feel when you stretch will make it all worth it.

One to listen to now: The Phantom Tollbooth by Norman Juster
One for the TLT: Riding the Elephant by Craig Ferguson


You’re getting restless waiting for the right time to make a change. If you’re looking for a sign to let go of anything toxic in your life, this is it! When you do, there will be so much more room for adventure and new connections.

One to listen to now: Field Notes on Love by Jennifer E. Smith
One for the TLT: Normal People by Sally Rooney


Leo, it’s time to focus on gratitude. Not only will you begin to appreciate what you have, but you’ll feel more calm, and in a position to receive even more. Sometimes changing your usual tactics is a move for the better!

One to listen to now: The Care and Feeding of Ravenously Hungry Girls by Anissa Gray
One for the TLT: On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous by Ocean Vuong


Your mind has been working a mile a minute lately, Virgo, and it hasn’t been surface level—you’re asking the big “whys” and “hows”! Keep going—the more you look for answers, the more likely you are to uncover a new dynamic and creative energy.

One to listen to now: Higher Etiquette by Lizzie Post
One for the TLT: Save Me the Plums by Ruth Reichl


What’s up, Libra? You’ve been feeling a little cynical lately, which is unlike you. This Spring, take the reins back: immerse yourself in something meaningful, like a humanitarian cause. Sometimes we have to push back against our own attitudes.

One to listen to now: Elsey Come Home by Susan Conley
One for the TLT: My Life as an Ice Cream Sandwich by Ibi Zoboi


What better time of year is there than spring to shake up a routine? We know you’re set in your Scorpio ways, but changing things up doesn’t mean ditching your intuition. Trust your gut, but challenge yourself to make one small change. Who knows? That unbeaten path may be full of opportunity.

One to listen to now: The Women’s War by Jenna Glass
One for the TLT: City of Girls by Elizabeth Gilbert


Sagittarians live life on their terms, but make extra sure you’re doing that this spring. It’s going to be a healing and transforming season if you focus on being yourself. No worries, though—your strong personality will carry you through.

One to listen to now: Daisy Jones & the Six by Taylor Jenkins-Reid
One for the TLT: Rumple Buttercup: A Story of Bananas, Belonging, and Being Yourself by Matthew Gray Gubler


It seems like you’ve got something to share with the class, Cap! Don’t worry about putting yourself directly in the spotlight, it’s exactly where you’re supposed to be right now. In fact, that super trooper beam may just give you the extra boost you need to get noticed for a number of interesting offers.

One to listen to now: Liberated Spirits by Hugh Ambrose & John Schuttler
One for the TLT: The Nickel Boys by Colson Whitehead


Being misunderstood is the pits, and it seems like you’ve been feeling that way for a little while now. That may make you want to hide away, but in fact it’s actually the perfect time for you to make bold choices. Just make sure you have a support system to talk things through with—conversation will help make everything clearer.

One to listen to now: The Study of Animal Languages by Lindsay Stern
One for the TLT: Star-Crossed by Minnie Darke


You’re a little wishy-washy about what you really want right now, fish friends. That’s okay: follow your intuition and creative spark. From there, you’ll find the courage to make some solid, 100% sure decisions. It helps that you seem to have a little luck in your corner this season, too.

One to listen to now: See You in the Piazza by Frances Mayes
One for the TLT: More Than Enough by Elaine Welteroth

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