This is the Author Alexia Vernon, Mya Spalter, Rachel Marie Martin
This is the Author | Alexia Vernon, Mya Spalter, and Rachel Marie Martin

In this episode meet Alexia Vernon, author of Step Into Your Moxie, Mya Spalter, author of Enchantments, and Rachel Marie Martin, author of The Brave Art of Motherhood. Listen in as these experts lead you on a path of transformation and empowerment whether you’re seeking professional, spiritual or personal advice and inspiration. And, find out why one author’s dream narrator would actually be a full cast of wonderful, strong women.

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Step Into Your Moxie

Alexia Vernon has helped thousands of women (and men) slay diminishing self-talk and cultivate confidence. She has created a timely, refreshingly playful guide for women to communicate with candor, clarity, compassion, and ease every time they open their mouths to speak — in their careers, communities, and homes.
Listen to an excerpt STEP INTO YOUR MOXIE

Author: Mya Spalter
Read By: Mya Spalter

A longtime employee at New York City’s oldest occult shop, Enchantments, Mya Spalter will introduce you to some mystical concepts you can use to build spells and rituals that resonate with your own personal style, including cleaning your apartment (of the grim you can’t always see), love magic, and instructions on the timeless art of astrology.
Listen to an excerpt ENCHANTMENTS

The Brave Art of Motherhood

Full-time blogger, speaker, marketer, podcaster, and single mom of seven, Rachel Marie Martin presents a rallying cry to anyone who believes the lie that she is “just a mom.”
Listen to an excerpt THE BRAVE ART OF MOTHERHOOD

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