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Author Debbie Macomber Shares Recipes With Audiobook Recommendations

By Debbie Macomber, featuring recipes from Debbie Macomber’s Table (Click on each dish name to see the full recipe.)

I’m big on listening to books on audio.  And when I say big, I mean BIG.  My love for audio books came when I realized I could multitask, which is important to those of us with busy lives.  And when you think about it, we are all busy!  Accomplishing two things at once simply makes sense in our crazy, sometimes overscheduled world.  If I’m stuck in traffic (and who isn’t these days) there’s nothing better than to be entertained by a story.  Or even better, when cooking dinner for the family, get caught up in the delights of a story while chopping an onion, especially if it’s Jojo Moyes’ Me Before You: “Honey, really it’s the onion that made me weep like I would never be able to breathe again.”

Now, I have the privilege of sharing some of my favorite recipes and pairing them with recent books that I’ve enjoyed listening to while cooking . . . or driving or knitting or while luxuriating in my bath . . . or any time.

A perfect pairing for Lisa Wingate’s runaway bestseller might be DEBBIE’S MOM’S BORSCHT.  My grandparents immigrated from Ukraine and brought with them the recipes that have been shared from one generation to the next.  This recipe is far more than food, and more than a soup–it’s family history, heritage and love from grandparents I never had a chance to really know.  Lisa is a friend and a talented author.  You will enjoy both the story and the borscht.

We lost a stellar storyteller when Pat Conroy died.  Because I stand in awe of his talent, I wanted to know which books captured his attention.  I was inspired by his enthusiasm and love of the written word, and have since purchased several he mentioned, and yes, I got them on audio.

If I were ever to have the chance to sit down with Pat and serve him dinner, this is the recipe I would choose: GUINNESS POT PIE (pictured above)I know he’d enjoy it as much as I do.

My Reading Life
Author: Pat Conroy
Read By: Pat Conroy

Listen to an excerpt MY READING LIFE

Slap your hand across your heart when you listen to Mary Neal’s breathtaking story of experiencing death while on a kayaking trip in Chili.  Death, heaven, and then life again.  The details had me sitting in my car in the driveway, unable to stop listening.

GRATITUDE BREAD (pictured above) would be a perfect recipe to prepare while listening to Mary’s story.  How short life is, and how grateful I am for every moment of my own.

When I first saw the title of John’s latest book, I mistakenly thought it featured one of our Puget Sound islands. However, one single vowel change in the title, from an “i” to an “a,” moved the setting from Washington state back to where John Grisham intended it to be!  Still, I found it fitting to pair this audio with a wonderful salmon dish, because who can resist any book by John Grisham, or GARLIC SALMON PASTA IN A SPICY CREAM SAUCE. Now that’s a winning combination.  

Camino Island
Author: John Grisham
Read By: January LaVoy

Listen to an excerpt CAMINO ISLAND

Debbie Macomber is the author of many New York Times bestsellers, such as Any Dream Will Do and If Not for You. Her audiobooks are the perfect companion for crafting, cooking, gardening, or just relaxing at home. Get more delicious recipes with her cookbook, Debbie Macomber’s Table.