This is The Author | Our Favorite Episodes

Since the launch of This is the Author, we’ve had the joy of sharing more than 40 episodes from the author’s perspective to the audiobook production process. One thing that they all agree on: they have a new appreciation for the medium. A lot goes into recording an audiobook, and it’s a blast to be a part of the process.

Here are some of our favorite This is the Author  episodes (so far):

My favorite episode of the This is the Author podcast is the episode featuring the authors of How May We Hate You.  Anna and Todd really embraced the recording process and had fun in the studio with the challenges they faced when recording, and this podcast really exhibits that.  This episode also shows how much fun it can be when you are working with a co-author in the studio, as opposed to most recordings which are single voice.   Todd also reveals something about himself that Anna is even stunned by.  It is a great example of what it is like to be authors in the studio.

–Dan Zitt, VP Content Production

My favorite episode is from the authors of HOW MAY WE HATE YOU?, Anna Drezen and Todd Dakotah Briscoe. Drezen and Briscoe give a sneak peek into their former lives as Times Square concierges and the very true and insane guest interactions they’ve had. These two are clearly the best of friends in real life and their rapport is hilarious as they try to one-up each other with their answers. Their answer to how they prepared to read the audiobook is reason enough to listen (one answer: Vocal Crossfit).

— Nicole Morano, Senior Publicist


As the producer of This is the Author, I love them all because I get to hear the unedited interviews and how hard the authors work to accurately represent their recording experiences. However, if I had to pick one favorite episode, it would be Faith Salie talking about recording Approval Junkie. Like her work in general, Faith is both hilarious and deeply reflective so her episode paints a broad picture of what it was like to record her audiobook.

–Karen Dziekonski, Executive Producer


I enjoyed hearing about Matteson Perry’s experience narrating his audiobook on This is the Author. He brings the charm and self-deprecating humor that makes Available such a fun read to his podcast episode, and gives the listener a good feel for what it’s like to prepare to narrate an audiobook and be in the studio.

–Emily Parliman, Assistant Acquisitions Editor


I liked the MOTHER CAN YOU NOT podcast by Kate Siegel and her mom because I loved how they worked together in answering the questions and it really made it seem like they were having a good time throughout the audiobook process even though it was hard work.  They were funny yet sincere and it was very enjoyable to hear the mother-daughter banter.  Definitely made me want to listen to the book!

–Vicki Tomao, Senior Marketing Manager


I have two favorites: Hope Jahren (Lab Girl) and Matteson Perry (Available). Hearing about how different writing and speaking is for scientists as compared to “civilians” (as Hope Jahren said) was super interesting. Also, I’m a sucker for tears, and when she talked about crying while recording her audiobook, I knew I had to add Lab Girl to my listening queue. Matteson Perry’s This is the Author was just fun—from abstaining from yogurt before recording to the difficulty of reading out loud for hours on end, he was engaging to listen to and had some good behind-the-scenes tidbits.

–Tara Djangi, Marketing Manager


Rich has a great voice and divulges some great personal info here in his podcast. Rich also ends it with some good closing comments. Good words of advice. It’s a pleasure to hear true rock and roll aficionados give us bonus insight such as Rich does here taking us into ‘his world’ so to speak. Overall, I was captivated from beginning to end with this particular podcast.

–Mike Murray, Post Production Manager


My favorite This is the Author podcast so far was from J. Kael Weston, author of The Mirror Test. Weston discusses his approach to writing his book in the first person, and offers a detailed account of reading his audiobook. His reverence for the soldiers and civilians he wrote about shines through, and listening to his podcast is a great companion to The Mirror Test.

–Rob Guzman, Marketing Manager

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