This is the Author | Howard Michael Gould and John Michael Higgins

In this episode of This is the Author, the author, Howard Michael Gould, and the narrator, John Michael Higgins, discuss recording Last Looks. The two are longtime friends that were able to collaborate on this audiobook. We learn about how Howard Michael Gould came to write this mystery via a career as a screenwriter and playwright, why he wanted John Michael Higgins to narrate, and how John Michael Higgins approached voicing all the characters in the book.

See Howard Michael Gould and John Michael Higgins in the studio:

Howard Michael Gould_John Michael Higgins Last Looks In the studio


Learn more about Last Looks:

Last Looks

A thriller that gleefully lampoons Hollywood culture and introduces the highly eccentric yet brilliant ex-detective gone rogue: Charlie Waldo.
Listen to an excerpt LAST LOOKS


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