Jen Sincero, Joshua Becker, and Annie Grace This is the Author
This Is the Author | Jen Sincero, Joshua Becker, and Annie Grace

In this episode, meet Jen Sincero, author of You Are a Bad Ass Every Day, Joshua Becker, author of The Minimalist Home, and Annie Grace, author of The Alcohol Experiment.

Whether you’re beginning a new journey of personal change, or continuing on a transformational path, let these authors inspire you and help you along. And, discover which author created a new, hybrid word to describe the recording experience.

Learn more about these authors’ audiobooks:

Author: Jen Sincero
Read By: Jen Sincero

In 100 exercises, reflections, and cues that you can use to immediately realign your mind and keep your focus unwavering, this audio guide will show you how to keep the breakthroughs catalyzed by Sincero’s iconic books You Are a Badass and You Are a Badass at Making Money going.

A popular minimalist blogger and author of The More of Less shows you how to methodically turn your home into a place of peace, contentment, and purposeful living.

Author: Annie Grace
Read By: Annie Grace

Annie offers a judgment-free action plan for anyone who’s ever wondered what life without alcohol is like. The rules are simple: Abstain from drinking for 30 days and just see how you feel. Annie arms her readers with the science-backed information to address the cultural and emotional conditioning we experience around alcohol. The result is a mindful approach that puts you back in control and permanently stops cravings.


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