This Is The Author | Whitney Cummings

“I think that I realized there were a lot of stories and ideas that didn’t really make sense to talk about on stage in a stand-up context because they were just too embarrassing, or not funny enough, or just too personal, and I couldn’t figure out a way to perform them live. And so I started writing them down and they just sat in this document, and I just hoped one day I’d get brave enough to do it or smart enough to figure out how to do them on stage, and I just couldn’t. People kept suggesting I write a book and I always just felt like, ‘Oh God, that’s something you do when you have a long life.’ I just didn’t feel like I had enough to offer, and then I thought, “Oh, maybe I should do all those stories that I’ve never figured out how to tell on stage. Maybe they’re a book.’ And I started looking at them and I was like, “Wow this stuff’s embarrassing, I’m never gonna be able to say this in front of people.’ So I just gave up on that ever happening and I started turning it into a book. And then to get through it I had to get an intention together, I had to get a mantra together and I was like, ‘Okay, I’m gonna write the book that I wish had been available to me when I was 18. I wanna write a bible for people who want to grow and feel better about their awful choices.'”

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