Celebrate 25 Years of Debbie Macomber Christmas Novels on Audio
Home for the Holidays With Debbie Macomber Audiobooks

Is that sleigh bells we hear, or is it the ringing in of 25 years of Debbie Macomber Christmas novels? We’re betting it’s both, because Christmas and Debbie go together like cookies and milk, elves and pointy shoes, mistletoe and smooches. READ MORE

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Jolly Holiday Audiobooks for Little Listeners
Holiday Audiobooks for Co-listening With Littles

If you haven’t heard Walter Matthau read How the Grinch Stole Christmas, there’s no season like snow season to cue up the audiobook, gather your own pack of “Whos from Who-ville” (a.k.a the bedtime story crew) and set your frozen heart-o-meter to “thaw.” READ MORE

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Audiobook Originals for the Holidays
5 Audiobook Originals for a Cozy Winter Mood

There’s something about Christopher Lee’s voice in Mystery Theater that transforms the simple act of walking into a cold, pre-dawn kitchen and flipping on the coffee maker from a chilly task into a delectable ritual—and that’s exactly the vibe we’re into this holiday season. READ MORE

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Halloween Picture Books on Audio for Little Pumpkins
Halloween Picture Books on Audio for Little Pumpkins

As any pumpkin spice-addled caregiver knows, Halloween isn’t all jump scares and haunted houses. For little ones, celebrating the sweet side of the holiday can mean playing dress-up, baking and crafting together, or discovering the endless possiblities of gourd-based decor. READ MORE

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