Take a Listening Field Trip
Take a Listening Field Trip

Traveling is a no-go, but with the help of trusty earbuds, audiobooks can still take you and your family to far off places. Press play on these picks to soar over the seaside town of Koriko, dash through the canals of Amsterdam, and cruise down the highway towards Nashville. Your young listeners will feel like they went on a trip after all. Read more

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Audiobooks Read by Hamilton Cast Members

Hamilton‘s smart lyrics, catchy music, diverse cast, and unique way of telling our country’s history have created a cultural phenomenon—along with a die-hard fan base. And now, the wait is over: Hamilton is coming to Disney+ on July 3rd, letting all of us finally see the show we’ve been listening to for years.

Get excited for the release (and fill the void once you’ve streamed it once…or five times) by listening to audiobooks that some of the Hamilton cast members and alumni lend their voices to. Read more

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Your Audiobook Horoscopes for the Summer Solstice

Swimming. Sunscreen. Staycations.

While this Summer may not be the one you envisioned, there’s still a need for reprieve so you don’t entirely burn out (or burn up. I’m serious about that SPF 50!).

The Summer solstice is the longest day of the year: spend it with an audiobook, and let narrators whisk you to where the stars say you should be, even if just for a while. Read more

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Audiobook Picks for Father’s Day

Whether you are a dad, you know a dad, or you just have an arsenal full of dad jokes, we’ve selected top audiobooks to celebrate Father’s Day with. With gathering made difficult this year, reconnect by sharing stories: daring adventures, masterful biographies, and inspiring coming-of-age stories are all just a play button away. Read more

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The Launch of Literary Summer

Memorial Day marks the beginning of Summer, but today marks the official start of literary Summer, as decreed by your PRH Audio blog team.

This season, we’re taking the time to kick back in the sun and listen to the titles we’ve been waiting for all year (…and some we missed the first time around). Joining in is easy: grab a lounge chair, some sunscreen, and your earbuds, and get ready for that Summer feeling. Read more

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