Shakespeare in a birthday scene with headphones on
Shakespearean Stories for the Bard’s Birthday!

William Shakespeare was born in April of 1564 (on an undetermined day), and to celebrate his big 456th we put together a list of some of his finest works reimagined. From movies to sonnets to full retellings, the Bard’s influence is undeniable, and we have them all here on audio. Read more

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Anne Tyler
Celebrating the Work of Anne Tyler on Audio

Anne Tyler is the author of more than twenty novels. Her twentieth novel, A Spool of Blue Thread, was shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize in 2015. Her eleventh novel, Breathing Lessons, was awarded the Pulitzer Prize in 1989. Her novel Clock Dance was our recent #VolumesBookClub pick. And now, we’re celebrating her lifetime of fantastic work through the unique experience audiobooks provide. Read more

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Women’s History Month: Real Life Heroes

While we all have our favorite fictional women, sometimes it’s the real life stories that are the most incredible. The women in these audiobooks are attorneys, fighter pilots, activists, or women who just march to the beat of their own drum, and we’re inspired with every step.
Read more

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Your Audiobook Horoscopes for the Spring Equinox

Happy new year, stardust! We’re three months into 2020 and things are stranger than ever, but the Spring Equinox (March 19, 2020) marks the beginning of a brand new astrological year. That means another go at the whole “fresh start” thing. And doesn’t that just sprout your daffodils? Lean on audiobooks to get you through this transition–they’ll help breathe fresh life into your (real and metaphorical) spring cleaning, and make even old stories seem new. Read more

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teens sitting on the ground reading books
Audio Picks for Any YA Book Clubber

With spectacular high fantasy titles, true-to-life contemporary fiction, and every genre in between, it’s good to be a young adult book lover these days. Our latest book club picks are perfect for any group, whether you’re teens or merely young at heart. Read more

Vintage photograph sitting inside a book with notes in the margins
Staff Round-Up: Celebrating Underrated Women of Literature

It’s Women’s History Month, and your friendly neighborhood blog team wanted to know which literature ladies our staff considers completely underrated. Who is well overdue for some props? Which unsung hero should indeed be sung about?! Join us in a round of appreciative applause for these fictional women. Read more

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Marquee that reads "movies
How to Meet-Cute Your Next Audiobook

Tropes, tropes, tropes: we see them everywhere, and yet we can’t get enough. We’ve got an audiobook match for whatever movie makes your heart sing, whether it’s Meg Ryan falling in love with her best friend over the course of 10 years or Meg Ryan falling in love with a Duke who fell through a crack in the space time continuum. Valentine’s Day may have come and gone in a puff of pink confetti, but go ahead, make those butterflies last all year long. Read more

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Defying Gravity: Author Phil Stamper on His Debut Audiobook

Debut author Phil Stamper’s The Gravity of Us has been dubbed “a sweet fish-out-of-water tale that also shrewdly explores the intersection between social class and modern media culture…”(Kirkus), among many other fabulous things. We caught up with Phil to chat about the experience of hearing his characters brought to life by audiobook narrators, and of course, what he can’t stop listening to. Read more

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