What to Listen to if You Loved Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine

Oh, Eleanor Oliphant, our favorite vodka-slugging, deadpan weirdo. There’s no one quite like her, and we’ve missed her ever since Cathleen McCarron read the last word of the audiobook. Lucky for us (and you, dear listener), the literary world is full of oddballs to fall in love with. Read more

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Audiobooks Starring Your Favorite Animals

Animals in books are often the sidekicks to the protagonists, a kid’s best friend. But this time the critters are taking center stage! Hear what our animal pals have to say in these fun-filled audiobooks.

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Q&A with Hazel Prior, Katharine Lee McEwan, and Philip Battley of Ellie and the Harpmaker

Ellie and the Harpmaker is a heartwarming debut from author Hazel Prior, read by the brilliant Katharine Lee McEwan and Philip Battley. The relationship that flourishes between main characters Ellie and Dan is tailor-made listening for these hazy, late August days: give it a few minutes, and you’ll be dreaming of cozy summer loves past and the English coastline. Read more

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Woman listening on a surfboard
Listen & Lounge: Audiobooks For Summer’s End

Hopefully by this point in the summer, with all of those steamy days practically made for parking yourself by the ocean (or at least an atmospheric air conditioner), you’ve been able to make a solid dent in your TBR pile. Might we suggest tacking on a few more listens? Kick your feet up and soak in these last weeks of the season through your earbuds. Read more

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Short Stories
Short Stories For Busy Listeners

Do you have a short commute? Only take a 15 minute lunch break? Have 5 minutes to kill and don’t want to look awkward while you wait to meet up with a friend? There’s an audiobook for that.

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Meet Your Next Summer Romance on Audio

What’s sweet, a smooth talker, and makes you laugh all day long? No, it’s not your latest love interest, it’s an audiobook! From robot boyfriends to seemingly doomed meet-cutes, we have a romantic comedy for whatever makes you turn to a puddle of mush. Get ready to meet your new crush. Read more

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Q&A with Melanie Cantor, Author of Death and Other Happy Endings

Do it now! There are only so many tomorrows!

This is the spoiler-free moral of Melanie Cantor’s new audiobook, Death and Other Happy Endings. Read on to learn what Melanie had to share with us about adoring her characters, the beauty of reality, and just how dreamy listening on a (well-deserved) vacation can be. Read more

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Q&A with Elizabeth Lim, Author of Spin the Dawn

“Exploration” can mean so many different things: traipsing to new lands, wandering in one’s own backyard, or digging into family history. For Elizabeth Lim, writing her latest book Spin the Dawn allowed her to explore herself and her childhood as well as her imagination: Spin the Dawn is an audiobook filled with magic, fierce characters, and awe-inspiring settings. We caught up with Elizabeth to discuss other kinds of exploration she’s been thinking about lately. Read more

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Must Listens for Sci-Fi Fans

Far-off planets, Star Wars favorites, and a couple of strong characters named Eve all await you in these latest and greatest Sci-Fi audiobooks. All you have to do is sit back, pop in your earbuds, and let audiobooks transport you to otherworldly places. Read more

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Get Lost in an Audiobook, Find Yourself

Every character in these audiobooks is looking for something: ghosts, a suddenly missing parent, an otherworldly realm. While these young explorers are searching for the mysterious, they often stumble upon something they didn’t expect to find: their true selves. Read more

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