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What We’re Listening To – March’s Picks

Two months into the new year, and I’m happy to report that I am succeeding at one of my resolutions: to listen to a variety of podcasts more frequently. (As someone who works in audiobooks, I recognize the irony of having to resolve to do that.) Here are my picks if you’re in the market for a new podcast. READ MORE

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Lucky Boy: A Timely and Timeless Story

With love, family, and identity at its core, Lucky Boy is timeless. It’s about yearning for something that seems out of reach, and achieving that something only to have it snatched away. These relatable themes drive the parallel, yet conflicting, lives of the two protagonists. What makes this story as timely as it is timeless is its acute treatment of identity, particularly a modern American identity. READ MORE

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Turning Over New Leaves: A Nature Collection

Earlier this year, I picked up LAB GIRL by Hope Jahren, in no way expecting to be swept away (or caught laughing to myself on the bus) reading about a girl and her trees. I adored Hope’s evocation of her Midwestern roots; her friendship with her quirky, often-homeless lab partner, an ongoing trunk of support; and, admirably, the seeds she sowed for women in science. But what I found most endearing (you can see where I’m going with this, can’t you?) were the trees themselves.


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