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Listening to a full audiobook during your commute can seem a bit daunting. Now though, you’re in luck! Our new partnership with Texas Monthly magazine is full of short nonfiction audio pieces that are perfect to listen to on your commute.


The Cheerleader Murder Plot
Author: Mimi Swartz
Read By: Pam Dougherty

Mimi Swartz paints a scene that makes the unthinkable—the plot to murder a fellow cheerleading mother and her daughter—something within the realm of possibility.
Listen to an excerpt The Cheerleader Murder Plot

Just Desserts
Author: Katy Vine
Read By: Lydia Mackay

Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins led a perfectly adequate middle-class life in Corsicana, Texas. Sandy, Mr. Jenkins, worked as an accountant at Collin Street Bakery, world famous for its fruitcakes. With feelings of inadequacy and jealousy weighing on him, he decides to fix the books in his favor.
Listen to an excerpt Just Desserts

Lost and Found
Author: Katy Vine
Read By: Lydia Mackay

This is a snapshot of life as a refugee in Amarillo, Texas, that hones in on a few families, each with its own struggles and obstacles, its own dreams and hopes for the future, and the common thread of a helping hand in Evelyn Lyles, a selfless volunteer.
Listen to an excerpt Lost and Found

Shell Shocked
Author: Elliott Woods
Read By: Eric Vale

Who’s to blame when the violence of war comes home? Shell Shocked is the story of a man from El Paso who returned from his service in Afghanistan with PTSD.
Listen to an excerpt Shell Shocked

The Talented Mr. Khater

Francesca Mari traces international con artist and psychopath Youssef Khater as he tricks sports enthusiasts, prideful Palestinians, and adoring women out of their money and into tragic circumstances.
Listen to an excerpt The Talented Mr. Khater

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