Best Debut Fiction Audiobooks of 2015

Everyone has a favorite author. But that favorite author was, at one time, a debut writer. Their voice not yet discovered, their first book impatiently waiting on the shelves to be read, loved, shared.

You’ll always pick up the new audiobook (or hardcover if you’re into that sort of thing) by your go-to author, but even the big names only turn out, at most, a few books a year. And if you’re an avid reader, you need books. All. The. Time. So why not take a chance on a writer you haven’t heard of before? Finding a new voice is one of the great joys of reading.

And that’s where we come in. We’ve chosen some of our favorite debut fiction authors that have hit the shelves this year. These audiobooks range from suspenseful to moving to hilarious, with everything in between.. Learn about families and friendships, war and murder, love and romance. We guarantee you’ll find an audiobook on this list that you’ll enjoy.

Another Woman's Daughter

Another Woman’s Daughter by Fiona Sussman – Set against the tumultuous background of apartheid South Africa, Another Woman’s Daughter is a powerful and moving audiobook about family, sacrifice, and discovering what it means to belong.

The Longest Night

The Longest Night by Andria Williams – In this absorbing and suspenseful debut novel—reminiscent of Revolutionary Road —a young couple must fight to save both their marriage and the town they live in. Based on the true story of the only fatal nuclear accident to occur in America, this deeply moving novel is a must-listen.

The Gates of Evangeline
Author: Hester Young
Read By: January LaVoy

The Gates of Evangeline by Hester Young – A Southern Gothic mystery debut that combines literary suspense and romance with a mystical twist, The Gates of Evangeline is a story that listeners of Gillian Flynn, Kate Atkinson, and Alice Sebold won’t be able to turn off. The heroine’s dark visions bring to light secrets that will either heal—or destroy—those around her.

Girl at War
Author: Sara Novic
Read By: Julia Whelan

Girl at War by Sara Novic – If you loved The Tiger’s Wife and All the Light We Cannot See, then pick up this powerful novel about a girl’s coming of age. You’ll get a look at how her Ana Juric’s sense of family, friendship, love, and belonging is profoundly shaped by war.