Audiobooks Featuring Actors from Christopher Guest Movies
Best in Studio: Your Favorite Christopher Guest Film Stars on Audio

It’s always fun to hear an actor you recognize from TV and film as an audiobook narrator. Even more fun? When you can build a listen-list for yourself based on a group of actors from a series of films that you love. Cue Christopher Guest’s hilarious roster of actors.

From This is Spinal Tap to Best in Show, the actors in each of Christopher Guest’s films have distinctive voices and personalities that make them incredible narrators. Whether you’re in the mood for a memoir, or want to listen to something with your kids, you’ll be able to find the audiobook for you.

You're on an Airplane
Author: Parker Posey
Read By: Parker Posey

As if you’re her seatmate listening to her share stories, Parker Posey takes you into her childhood home, behind the scenes of the indie film revolution in the 90s, the delightful absurdity of the big-budget genre thrillers she’s turned into art in a whole new way, and the creativity that will always be part of both her acting and her personal life.
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Last Looks

Waldo, a onetime LAPD superstar, now lives in solitude deep in the woods, pathologically committed to owning no more than one hundred possessions. He left behind his career and his girlfriend, Lorena, to pay self-imposed penance for an awful misstep on an old murder case. But the old ghosts are about to come roaring back…
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Oh, the Thinks You Can Think!
Author: Dr. Seuss
Read By: Michael McKean

Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the THINKS you can think up if only you try!
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Care To Make Love In That Gross Little Space Between Cars?

The Believer magazine presents a compendium of humorous advice from producers, musicians, writers, cartoonists, and actors. Fred Willard is one of the contributors to this fantastic compilation.
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Crazy Lady

Increasingly alienated from his widowed father, Vernon joins his friends in ridiculing the neighborhood outcasts: Maxine, an alcoholic prone to outrageous behavior, and Ronald, her retarded son. But when a social service agency tries to put Ronald into a special home, Vernon fights against the move.
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Boy or Beast
Author: Bob Balaban
Read By: Bob Balaban

If popularity were a score between one and ten, Charlie Drinkwater would be a zero. He’s nerdy and unathletic, and to top it all off, he’s suddenly morphed into a giant mutant sea creature sometime between first-period science class and third-period English. Not only is Bob Balaban the narrator, but he’s the author of this series, too!
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