Big Cats: Stories and its All-Star Cast

Are you a fan of short stories? Then Big Cats is the audiobook for you. The acclaimed collection was released in audio this week and it has a star-studded cast. With the likes of Patricia Arquette, Helen Hunt, Rainn Wilson, and Jenna Fischer, among others, Big Cats is full of big personalities.

Holiday Reinhorn, the author of the collection, worked with the audio producer to cast the perfect voices for her characters. Lili Taylor opens with “Charlotte,” the story of a girl who’s suffered an injury and precociously follows the lives of the adults around her. There is a dry shrewdness to Charlotte’s observations, and her remarks on beauty and society are darkly funny. Taylor’s soft delivery of quirky moments is delightful and manages to convey how strong and innocent our narrator is.

This kind of characterization permeates throughout the audiobook. Rainn Wilson, Holiday’s husband, also reads for the production. His performance in “Get Away From Me, David” evokes a bitterness and disillusionment that is so curious, you can’t help but wonder why is he so upset. When you find out, it’s a bit heart wrenching… Prepare yourself.

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Read by Rainn Wilson

The eponymous story, “Big Cats,” leads us to a cat fight between two zoo workers – in front of a lion cage, no less. It’s hilarious and emotional, especially when our narrator reaches an epiphany after her fight. If you like wit and dark humor, Big Cats will surely satisfy you.

For a full cast of narrators:

“Charlotte” read by Lili Taylor
“Get Away From Me, David” read by Rainn Wilson
“Big Cats” read by Alia Shawkat
“Golden Pioneers” read by Virginia Madsen
“Fuck You” read by Justine Bateman
“My Name” read by Garret Dillahunt
“Good to Hear You” read by Amy Brenneman
“The Heights” read by Jenna Fischer
“By the Time You Get This” read by Helen Hunt
“Seashell” read by Patricia Arquette
“Africa” read by Peter Krause
“The White Dog” read by Holiday Reinhorn
“Last Seen” read by full cast of narrators, with additional voices by Oscar Nunez, Adam Mondschein, Macleod Andrews, Kirby Heyborne, and Adenrele Ojo

Hear an excerpt: Big Cats: Stories