Birth Flowers
Birth Flower Audiobook Recommendations

From love and hope to integrity and regret, each type of flower has a meaning. In fact, using those floral meanings as a means to communicate or convey ideas to one another has been around since the 18th century. While the average person many not be fluent in the language of flowers, they can easily discover the meanings behind their birth month flowers (because, like birthstones, there is a corresponding flower for each month of the year).

We took it one step further for you; we curated a list of audiobook recommendations for you based on your birth month flower. Your birth month flower may vary a bit, depending on the British or the US guides, so we’ve included both flowers for the months that differed. Enjoy discovering what your birth flower—and next audiobook listen—is!

Carnation: All symbolize love, but colors effect the meaning. For example, a pink carnation means affection, while a red carnation means “I love you.” White carnations mean pure love and yellow means rejection or disappointment.

How to Stop Time
Author: Matt Haig
Read By: Mark Meadows

Listen to an excerpt HOW TO STOP TIME

Snowdrop: Signifies hope, bright future, and rebirth

Violet: Symbols of rising above challenges; violets thrive in the toughest conditions. Also symbols of faithfulness.

Jane Steele
Author: Lyndsay Faye
Read By: Susie Riddell

Listen to an excerpt JANE STEELE

Primrose: Lets someone know you can’t live without them. They are

The Music Shop

Listen to an excerpt THE MUSIC SHOP

White Fur

Listen to an excerpt WHITE FUR


Daffodil: New beginnings, rebirth

Author: Tara Westover
Read By: Julia Whelan

Listen to an excerpt EDUCATED

Author: Courtney Maum
Read By: Kristen Sieh

Listen to an excerpt TOUCH

Jonquil: Signifies a desire that affection be returned. It also is used to convey sympathy.

Daisy: Innocence, loyal love, purity, and hope

Sweet pea: Youthful energy and outright pleasure

Lily of the valley: Humble and virtuous. It’s also considered a sign that happiness is here to stay.

Hawthorn: Hope, gratitude and caring

Refuge: A Novel

Listen to an excerpt REFUGE

Rose: Delicate, yet is capable of protecting itself with its thorns. It symbolizes love, devotion and passion. The color alters the meaning slightly; deep reds signify passion while soft pinks can represent motherly love.

Fierce Kingdom

Listen to an excerpt FIERCE KINGDOM

Lucky Boy

Listen to an excerpt LUCKY BOY

Once and for All

Listen to an excerpt ONCE AND FOR ALL

Honeysuckle: Symbol of everlasting love, happiness and a sweet disposition. The fragrance of the honeysuckle bloom inspires dreams of love and passion.

Author: Lauren Kate
Read By: Justine Eyre

Listen to an excerpt FALLEN

Larkspur: Both levity and lightness; strong bonds of love

Home Fire

Listen to an excerpt HOME FIRE

Water lily: Purity, majesty, and sweetness

Author: Naomi Novik
Read By: Julia Emelin

Listen to an excerpt UPROOTED

Gladiolus: Strength of character; integrity and honesty


Listen to an excerpt MEATY


Listen to an excerpt SISI

Poppy: Remembrance, inner peace

Goodbye Days

Listen to an excerpt GOODBYE DAYS

Aster: Patience and elegance.

Morning glory: Tenacity and affection

Stay with Me

Listen to an excerpt STAY WITH ME

The Windfall

Listen to an excerpt THE WINDFALL

Marigold: Devotion, passion and creativity, and honoring the dead

Cosmos: Order, peace, and serenity

Author: Weike Wang
Read By: Julia Whelan

Listen to an excerpt CHEMISTRY

Chrysanthemum: Friendship, love, and compassion

The Animators

Listen to an excerpt THE ANIMATORS

Pieces of Happiness
Author: Anne Ostby
Read By: Jilly Bond

Listen to an excerpt PIECES OF HAPPINESS

We Are Okay
Author: Nina LaCour
Read By: Jorjeana Marie

Listen to an excerpt WE ARE OKAY

Narcissus: Rebirth, new beginnings, and vanity

Ash Princess

Listen to an excerpt ASH PRINCESS

Ross Poldark

Listen to an excerpt ROSS POLDARK

Holly: A variety of narcissus; wish for domestic happiness

The Awkward Age

Listen to an excerpt THE AWKWARD AGE

The Heirs
Author: Susan Rieger
Read By: Kimberly Farr

Listen to an excerpt THE HEIRS

Seven Days of Us

Listen to an excerpt SEVEN DAYS OF US


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