Nicole Lapin Julie Wilson Boss Bitch
Bringing Nicole Lapin’s BOSS BITCH to Life

Producer Julie Wilson shares some of her experiences bringing to life the audiobook of Nicole Lapin’s Boss Bitch:

Why did you want to work on BOSS BITCH?
I love audiobooks about strong, intelligent women, and BOSS BITCH is exactly that. But it’s also an honest memoir about the—often hilarious—struggles that Nicole went through to get to where she is now. I believe in Nicole. I believe in women supporting other women. And as soon as this audiobook dropped onto our list, I believed in making it the best it could be. That meant getting Nicole to narrate the audiobook. For me, that also meant wearing dual hats for the project and both producing and directing it.

What was your favorite part of the production process?
Hands down: being in the studio with Nicole. Narrating an audiobook is a tedious process. It requires an actor (or author in this case) to sit completely still for multiple days in a row and project all of her energy and emotion into her voice. But Nicole and I approached the recording with positivity—and many cups of coffee—and were able to cheer each other on with that “Go, Boss Bitch!” energy every step of the way. She left everything on the field, and I think the recording we ended up with proves that.

What was the most challenging part?
Recording those final pages at the end of each day. Nicole was a champ and was always game to push on so we would meet our deadlines. But everyone’s a bit weary after eight hours of bringing their all to a recording. Sometimes it’s best to call it and start fresh in the a.m.

What are you most excited for listeners to experience with this audiobook?
I think the wonderful thing about Nicole narrating her own audiobook is that listeners can feel like they’re sitting down with her and getting a one-on-one session in how to be a Boss Bitch. The lessons she teaches about how to manage a business and its finances are insightful without being heavy-handed. She also adds a bit of fun and Nicole Lapin flair to every chapter—some of which was ad-libbed in the studio—so as you listen, you learn something new while having a good time too.

If you had to give one piece of “how to be a boss bitch” advice of your own, what would it be?
Follow your passions. One of the reasons I love what I do here at Penguin Random House Audio is that my career blossomed from what’s important to me: storytelling, writing, creativity, and community. Every day I wake up knowing that I’m going to collaborate with interesting and supportive colleagues, actors, and authors who will offer their own unique ideas to the projects we’re working on together. Not every day is easy. But after I’ve spent any time away from the office, I’m always heartened to find that I feel like I’m returning to work that I’m excited about. Find a career that does that for you.


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