Fall in Love with Romance Audiobooks by Black Authors
Catch Feelings With 8 Crush-Worthy Romance Audiobooks by Black Authors

Whether you’re a hopeless romantic, a “right for right now” prospector, or a hard-to-win cynic (hold your eye roll, kindred spirits), we’ve got your Valentine’s Day audiobook hook-up right here. From cuties next door to workplace romances, type-A alphas to dreamy introverts, add these swoony, sweet, and sexy romance audiobooks by Black authors to your to-listen list and celebrate luuurrrrve.

Book nerds, this one’s for you: shy and admittedly awkward, Lily Greene has always felt inadequate compared to the rest of her accomplished family, who strive for Black excellence. But when she enlists her charming new neighbor to help her score a date, suddenly this fiction fan becomes the main character, and the plot thickens when she discovers her mysterious neighbor is actually the obscure author she’s been corresponding with over e-mail. Will these two introverts be able to move their romance from the page to real life?

Dr. Raleigh Foster, an operative for a top-secret intelligence organization, knows that her undercover work has its risks. So she doesn’t hesitate when asked to infiltrate Scimitar, the terrorist group that has stolen lethal environmental technology. But when she’s assigned a partner—brooding, sexy Adam Grayson—to pose as her lover, Raleigh discovers that the most dangerous risk of all is falling in love. Don’t miss this romantic suspense novel by New York Times bestselling author and American politician and activist Stacey Abrams, writing under her pen name, Selena Montgomery.

The Davenports are one of the few Black families of immense wealth and status in a changing United States, their fortune made through the entrepreneurship of William Davenport, a formerly enslaved man who founded the Davenport Carriage Company years ago. Now it’s 1910, and the Davenports live surrounded by servants, crystal chandeliers, and endless parties, finding their way and finding love—even where they’re not supposed to. Inspired by the real-life story of the Patterson family, The Davenports is the tale of four determined and passionate young Black women discovering the courage to steer their own path in life—and love.

After nearly a decade of experience in state politics, Isadora Maris is damn good at her job, and she’ll soon be managing her boss’s campaign for U.S. representative. But Isadora’s cool professionalism is knocked off-kilter when she meets Karim Sarda. Karim is gorgeous and brilliant and seems to share many of her ideals…so why is he working for the California senate’s most detestable scumbag? When they both succumb to their undeniable chemistry, their initial desire blossoms into something more—but if Karim’s boss takes control of the California senate, everything Isadora worked for could be destroyed. Will workplace politics shatter their chance at love?

Author: Nic Stone
Read By: Dion Graham and Nic Stone

Calling all YA fans! The #1 New York Times bestselling author of Dear Martin delivers a gripping romance about two teens: a certified genius living with a diagnosed mental disorder and a politician’s son who is running from his own addiction and grief. Don’t miss this gut punch of a novel about mental health, loss, and discovering you are worthy of love.

Liza B. wants to take her neighborhood back from the soulless property developer dropping unaffordable condos on every street corner in DC. But her planned protest at a corporate event takes a turn after she mistakes the smoldering-hot CEO for the waitstaff. When they go toe-to-toe, the sparks fly—but her impossible-to-ignore family thwarts her every move. In Pride and Protest, Liza wants Dorsey Fitzgerald out of her hood, but she’ll settle for getting him out of her head.

Maya Johnson lives her life according to The Plan: to become the youngest-ever female director of her company, marry her college sweetheart, and build a fabulous life in Miami. But when her free-spirited sister blows into town with a gorgeous stranger in tow, Maya begins to wonder if she’s as happy as she thought. At a crossroads with both her professional and personal happiness, Maya will have to decide which path to choose: The Plan she’s worked so hard for, or something new entirely. Don’t miss this debut novel from Rachel Lindsay, star of The Bachelorette and author of Miss Me with That.

Seventeen-year-old Theo Wright has it all figured out. He’s exceling at his magnet school, getting scouted by college recruiters, and going to Duke on athletic scholarship. But for now, all Theo wants is a perfect prom night. After his best friend Jay dares Theo to prompose to his crush at Chloe Campbell’s party, Theo’s ready to throw caution to the wind and take his chances.

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