American Political History
Current Events: American History on Audio

Last month’s midterm elections saw a number of new leaders appointed to political office. As our country continues to evolve, it’s also important to take note of where we came from. Read more

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headphones listening to books
Black Friday Listens
Self-Care at the holidays
First Lady Titles
Making HERstory: First Ladies of the United States on Audio

The role of First Lady is unique in American politics, and has been filled by a long line of powerful women. Listen and learn more about five of these incredible women, each of whom fulfilled the role of First Lady in her own unique way. Read more

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Make Holiday Travel Fly By With Audiobooks!

Holidays mean visiting with old friends, eating an abundance of delicious food, and watching the snow fall from inside a cozy house. But sometimes the road to these delightful get-togethers is long, and can be less than relaxing with a full car. Read more

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