Make Holiday Travel Fly By With Audiobooks!

Holidays mean visiting with old friends, eating an abundance of delicious food, and watching the snow fall from inside a cozy house. But sometimes the road to these delightful get-togethers is long, and can be less than relaxing with a full car. Read more

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Cranberry and Brie Pull Apart Bread Recipe from Tasty
Get This Recipe: Cranberry and Brie Holiday Pull-Apart Bread

Cooking for the holidays usually involves intricate recipes and laborious all-day sessions in the kitchen, but you also need a few quick recipes that you can whip together and serve to a group of people. We’re here to help! Read more

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Inspiring Audiobooks for Voters-To-Be

For politically inclined young people, being under 18 in an election year can be incredibly frustrating. Luckily, there is no shortage of ways teens can get involved beyond the voting booth. Read more

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Adult Audiobooks That Older Teens Can Listen To
Family History Month
5 Unforgettable Family Memoirs to Listen To

All families have their secrets and their infamous stories. Some families are merely eccentric, while others are downright dysfunctional. These five memoirs demonstrate ways in which people have made sense of their own family histories Read more

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Gary Pomerantz, George Packer, Steven Johnson This is The Author
This is the Author | Gary Pomerantz, George Packer, and Steven Johnson

In this episode, meet Gary Pomerantz, author of The Last Pass, George Packer, author of Blood of the Liberals, and Steven Johnson, author of How We Got to Now. Using the lens of sports, culture, technological innovation, and family, these authors explain why journeying to the past is necessary in order to see the present in a new light. And, find out which Hollywood legend is one author’s dream narrator.

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This is the Author Jessica Brody, James Clear, and Anthony Iannarino
This is the Author | Jessica Brody, James Clear, and Anthony Iannarino

In this episode, meet Jessica Brody, author of Save the Cat! Writes a Novel, James Clear, author of Atomic Habits, and Anthony Iannarino, author of Eat Their Lunch. From how to write a novel to how to change your habits to how to be a great salesperson, you’ll be guided to motivation.

Learn more about the authors’ audiobooks:
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Halloween Spooky Stories on Audiobooks for Family Listening
Spooky Stories for Family Listening

There’s nothing quite as deliciously spooky as sharing a spine-tingling story in the dark. What better way to do that in the month leading up to Halloween than to gather the family and listen to a scary audiobook together? Read more

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