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Bedtime is Better with Audiobooks

As a somewhat new parent, now two years in to this new role of mama, I feel both comforted and taunted by the abundance of sleep-related advice books that come across my desk. From The Kids Are in Bed, to It’s Never Too Late to Sleep Train, to The Happy Sleeper, I am thankful for the arrival of these wonderful parenting audiobooks—and happy to know I am clearly not alone in my shuteye struggles! But while sleep for a new parent may be lacking, the actual ritual of bedtime can hold much magic, thanks to the joy of reading—and listening—together! Read more

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fantasy castle
Discover Other Worlds with These Fantasy Audiobooks

Escape to a faraway world full of wonder, adventure, and magic. You can experience fantastical realms full of queens, gods, or elves. You can fight alongside (or against) bounty hunters and spies in order to save empires or build new ones.

Intrigue, romance, and life-changing journeys await. All you have to do is press play on one of these audiobooks: Read more

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Get Lost in an Audiobook, Find Yourself

Every character in these audiobooks is looking for something: ghosts, a suddenly missing parent, an otherworldly realm. While these young explorers are searching for the mysterious, they often stumble upon something they didn’t expect to find: their true selves. Read more

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Thrillers Boardwalk
6 Suspenseful YA Listens to Enjoy This Summer

Is there a more delicious feeling than soaking up the warmth of the sun and getting a chill from a spine-tingling, heart-pounding, suspenseful story? We don’t think there is! So, we’ve gathered a few engrossing mysteries and thrillers perfect for listening to as you head to the beach or lounge by the pool. Read more

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Adult books teens will love
7 Adult Audiobooks That Teens Will Enjoy

Teens looking to explore the realms of adult fiction and nonfiction have an overwhelming plethora of titles to sift through. But, not to worry! We’ve curated a selection of fantasy, contemporary fiction, and enthralling nonfiction of fantastic adult audiobooks that teens will love listening to. Read more

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