Timely Titles for Budding Young Activists

In the spirit of Martin Luther King Jr. Day and the Day of Service, encourage young listeners to stand up and get involved in the issues that matter to them. Whether your activist-to-be wants to save the whales or revamp their education system (or anything in between), these audiobooks have everything they need to get inspired and get going. READ MORE

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Get Your Greens: Listens for Earth Day

These audiobooks about our planet are hopeful. They’re realistic. They’re educational. Whether you’re looking to learn more about what you can do to fight climate change, or want to listen to an audio portrait of what makes the land we stand on beautiful and special, we’ve got your Earth Day listening covered.

Your task today: take a walk with one of these outstanding audiobooks about Mother Earth. Don’t forget to look around. READ MORE

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Strong Girls Advice
How To Become an Unstoppable Girl

Courage, resilience, emotional intelligence, and intellectual rigor: strong girls know that developing skills like these is a life-long learning process, and they are up to the challenge! READ MORE

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