Books on Screen: Fall 2019

Get the popcorn and sugary goods ready, because some of your favorite titles are making their way to screens big and small this Autumn. Don’t miss these sure-to-be blockbusters and their audiobook counterparts, whether you’re a movie theater regular or a couch dweller. Read more

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Audiobooks for Ultimate Me Time

When stress comes knocking, we all have different ways of answering the door. Whether your response is to look for concrete self-help tips or a warm and fuzzy story (hello, Sherman), there’s an audiobook for you. Get ready to press play to press pause. Read more

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Wil Wheaton
Actor Wil Wheaton Knows HOW TO Narrate an Audiobook

See what we did there? Actor, writer, and audiobook narrator Wil Wheaton returns to the world of xkcd to read the instant bestseller HOW TO: Absurd Scientific Advice for Common Real-World Problems by webcomic/bestselling author/nerd hero Randall Munroe, and we are as stoked as two stick figures trying to high jump. Read more

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S4 E57_Nico Tortorella_Akilah Hughes_Cory Allen
S4 E58: Nico Tortorella, Akilah Hughes, and Cory Allen

In this episode, meet Younger star Nico Tortorella, author of Space Between, comedian Akilah Hughes, author of Obviously, and podcaster and meditation teacher Cory Allen, author of Now Is the Way.

Each of these young writers is using their creativity and talent to inspire others to grow—through art, introspection, and joyous expression. Hear them talk honestly about recording their audiobooks; plus, find out which of these authors has finally become their own “love bomb.” Read more

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