Space Exploration
Celebrate Space Exploration on the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing!

This year Space Exploration Day (July 20th) is extra out-of-this-world as we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing! So pop on that paper mache helmet, strap into your refrigerator-box rocket, and blast off with one of these stellar audiobooks for kids and space enthusiasts of all ages!

Lunar Listens for Kids

On July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong stepped on the moon. But did you know he built his own model planes as a little boy and then grew up to be a test pilot for experimental aircraft before becoming an astronaut? Listen to this audiobook to find out more about Neil Armstrong’s journey from flight fan to first man on the moon.

Filled with the science and training required to put a person into space, and every detail of what it’s like to live in a spaceship for days on end (including what happens when astronauts need to use the bathroom), this audiobook is sure to leave kids clamoring for a spot on the next mission to outer space.

Author: Mike Mongo
Read By: Mike Mongo and Alyssa Carson

Endorsed by authors, teachers, scientists and Congressmen, Mike Mongo’s The Astronaut Instruction Manual is a functioning, first-step instruction manual for children between the ages of 8 and 13 who want to be space explorers.

If a black hole is not a hole, then what is it? Find out what black holes are, what causes them, and how scientists first discovered them in this audiobook.

Author: Elaine Scott
Read By: Pete Larkin

This fascinating and breathtaking audiobook explains in simple terms how advancements in technology have changed our understanding of the universe–and exactly how and why the number of planets in our solar system went from nine to eight.

And now for some space fan fiction! Award-winning author Steve Sheinkin creates exciting fictional adventures through time with historical figures going AWOL and mixes them with true fun facts about each person. Check out Neil Armstrong and Nat Love, Space Cowboys and all of the hilarious audiobooks in the Time Twisters series!

Audiobooks for Space Fans of All Ages

A companion audiobook to the AMERICAN EXPERIENCE® Film on PBS®. Setting key players in the political, social, and cultural climate of the time, Chasing the Moon focuses on the science and the history, but most important, the extraordinary individuals behind what was undoubtedly the greatest human achievement of the twentieth century.

Psychologist Richard Wiseman brings together history, psychology, and self-help in this unique and powerful audiobook guide to achieving the impossible in work and in life.

Renowned space historian John Logsdon traces the greatest moments in human spaceflight by weaving together essential, fascinating documents from NASA’s history with his expert narrative guidance.