Children’s Audiobooks About Neurodiversity

Celebrate minds of all kinds with compelling, fun, anti-ableist audiobooks for kids and tweens that feature neurodiverse representation.

Temple Grandin is a world-renowned scientist, animal-behavior expert, and autism spokesperson who was able to use her way of thinking and looking at the world to invent and achieve great things.

Award-winning and neurodivergent author Elle McNicoll debuts with A Kind of Spark, an insightful and stirring story about a neurodivergent girl who campaigns for a memorial when she learns that her small Scottish town used to burn witches simply because they were different.

Axel loves everything about birds, especially eagles. No one worries that an eagle will fly too far and not come home—a fact Axel wishes his mother understood. Despite all this, Axel loves his life—especially the time he spends observing the eagles’ nest in the woods near his home. But when a tornado damages Axel’s home and the eagles’ nest, Axel’s life is thrown into chaos. A Bird Will Soar is a heartfelt and hopeful story about a bird-loving autistic child who must trust his own instincts to help heal his family and the nest he loves.

Everyone dismisses twelve-year-old Nova as severely autistic and nonverbal, but Nova’s big sister Bridget understands how intelligent and special Nova is, and all that she can’t express. In Planet Earth Is Blue, Nova and Bridget share a love of astronomy and plan to watch the launch of the Challenger together, but then Bridget has disappears. As Nova’s new foster family begins to see her potential, she faces the prospect of making friends without Bridget for the first time.

“Moore’s portrayal of Nova is wonderfully nuanced, realistically voicing her attempts at speech, her happiness as she begins to thrive in her foster home, and her mounting unease as the story moves toward its heartrending climax.”—AudioFile

From the author of Counting by 7s, The Elephant in the Room is a moving story of family separation and the importance of the connection between animals and humans. A heartfelt story about “the importance of compassion and bravery when facing life’s challenges” (Kirkus).

In Get a Grip, Vivy Cohen!, autistic eleven-year-old Vivy Cohen won’t let anything stop her from playing baseball–not when she has a major-league star as her pen pal.

“In Vivy’s letters to VJ, [Cassandra] Morris conveys all of Vivy’s hopeful ambition and disappointing struggles in a youthful-sounding voice perfectly suited to a preteen girl.”—AudioFile

Author: Sarah Kapit
Read By: Gabi Epstein

For fans of the Penderwicks and the Vanderbeekers, The Many Mysteries of the Finkel Family is a middle grade novel on audio about two autistic sisters, their detective agency, and life’s most consequential mysteries.

Author: Cat Patrick
Read By: Jorjeana Marie

In Tornado Brain, a neurodivergent 7th grader is determined to find her missing best friend before it’s too late. Thirteen-year-old Frankie can’t stand to be touched, loud noises bother her, and she hates changes in her routine. But when her friend Colette disappears, Frankie is convinced she left clues behind, she’s on the case.