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Cocina Y Listen: Jasmin’s Green Chilaquiles

Next to Halloween, Latin & Hispanic Heritage Month is one of my favorite events of the year. I am Mexican and take great pride in sharing the colorful aspects and traditions of my culture during this month and well beyond. Yo soy Latina, and although it’s true that Latin and Hispanic people are not a monolith, there are parallels in the passion and vivacity of our celebrations and traditions that are not too far off from each other.

One aspect of Latin culture that is significant across all Latin cultures is comida, or food. Now that I live away from home, any new culinary venture is prompted by a call to my mom, the cocina crisis line. But not to fret, the recipe I’m sharing with you today is a simple traditional Mexican breakfast staple, my fool-proof recipe I return to time and again.

Chilaquiles Verdes (can also be rojos, or red chilaquiles) is a tasty breakfast dish very similar to enchiladas, but chilaquiles are made with fried corn tortilla chips simmered in salsa verde. Chilaquiles are incredibly versatile and my recipe for them changes almost every time I make them, but that is the beauty of cooking.

When I have the time to cook breakfast, I put in my airpods and press play on one of the many audiobooks or podcasts I have in my audio library. I find there’s something rewarding about taking the time to cook myself a meal that makes me feel connected to my culture and the people who came before me. Below are my go-to kitchen listens to pair with my chilaquiles recipe!

Author: Andrea Bartz
Read By: Becca Tobin

We Were Never Here is the definition of a binge listen. I paced around my apartment manically in the 3 days I devoured this audiobook. You’ll be on the edge of your seat (or toes if you were standing like me).

Lies Like Wildfire is a YA thriller that took me by surprise. YA isn’t my usual shtick, but this one’s super enthralling. Also, because I live in California wildfires are a way of life, so I relate.

Park Predators is the perfect gateway into spooky season. Maybe you’ve noticed a trend here, but I like to teeter on the narrow edge of mild heebie jeebies and crippling anxiety with the content I consume!

Author: Ashley Neese
Read By: Ashley Neese

When I want to put a pause on the heavy horror and true crime content I consume, I turn to my breath. I’ve been trying to be consistent with my meditation practice, and How to Breathe has been an easy and practical guide to finding my breath.

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