Margaret George Returns with The Confessions of Young Nero

After more than a decade, Margaret George is back with The Confessions of Young Nero, another of her well-researched historical-fiction sagas.

We’ve all heard of Nero fiddling while Rome burned, but what’s the story behind the cliché? Margaret George dives deep into the emperor’s rise from lonely child to infamous ruler, and gives him a nuanced humanity lacking in history books. Nero’s insight into the corruption around him, his naive desire to stay out of Rome, his love for the arts, and his eventual turn to dark deeds are revealed in this fascinating portrait.

Filled with twisted family trees, power-hungry characters (including Nero’s mother, Agrippina), and detailed descriptions of everyday Rome, The Confessions of Young Nero comes to life under the skilled narration of Steve West, Susan Denaker, and Katharine McEwan.


There’s always a lot to think about and discuss after you read a good historical novel. This handy reader’s guide will get you started.

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