Cozy Mysteries for Aspiring Coastal Grandmothers
Cozy Mysteries for Aspiring Coastal Grandmothers

The Coastal Grandmother aesthetic, according to The Atlantic, is “an aspirational lifestyle involving wearing white clothing, button-down blouses, gardening, and cooking your favorite Barefoot Contessa recipes.”

Maybe it stems from a lifetime adoration of Nancy Meyers movies, finishing the latest season of Grace & Frankie, or the Instagram folder full of kitchen photos I’ve saved, but I am one of the people who finds the Coastal Grandmother trend downright dreamy. I too want to clutch a mug of coffee at 6 in the morning while I gaze out at my garden of wildflowers or my ocean view.

But for those of us who haven’t yet earned the title of Coastal Grandmother (for me it’s because I’m in my twenties and live in New York City), it doesn’t mean we can’t add shades of the trend to our lives. And is there anything more delightfully grandmotherly than a love of cozy mysteries? I think not. Pop on your apron over your white button-down, get a chicken roasting in the oven, and enjoy a white wine or iced tea while you listen to zany murder mysteries. You’ll be feeling like Diane Keaton faster than you can say “white turtleneck.”

Lena Aldridge is stuck singing in a basement club. She’s feeling utterly hopeless until a stranger offers her the chance of a lifetime: a starring role on Broadway and a ticket on the Queen Mary. After a murder at the club, Lena jumps at the chance to escape England. But death follows her onboard in Miss Aldridge Regrets, when a member of a wealthy family is killed in a chillingly familiar way.

Autumn has arrived at Castle Dark, and Nora Blake has settled into her role as an actor in Derek Corby’s castle murder-mystery troupe. When a man is killed during one of their first shows, the eerie castle catacombs become a place of terror. In Castle Deadly, Castle Deep Nora attempts to find the motive for killing a seemingly innocent victim…and learns that she may be in the sights of the killer.

Author: Laura Bradford
Read By: Emily Ellet

Emma Westlake is helping Kim Felder, a woman struggling with empty-nest syndrome and an out of left field divorce. Determined to help get Kim in a better headspace, Emma suggests she draft a bucket list of things she has always wanted to do. But when Kim’s ex winds up dead via one of the ideas Kim proposed, Emma will have to put herself on the line to corner a cunning killer.

When Yale Yee’s cousin Celine visits from Hong Kong, Yale is obliged to play tour guide. Not only that, but her father thinks it’s a wonderful idea for them to bond by running a food stall together at the Eastwood Village Night Market. They’re shocked that their bubble tea is a hit… until one of their customers turns up dead. Yale and Celine are prime suspects, and must work together to find out what really happened, or the only thing they’ll be serving is time.

Author: Nekesa Afia
Read By: Shayna Small

Louise Lloyd is the new manager of the club Dove. There Louise meets Nora Davies. Louise, Nora, her friend Rafael, and Louise’s girlfriend, Rosa Maria spend the night drinking and talking. The next morning, Rosa Maria wakes up covered in blood, and Nora is lying dead in the middle of the dance floor. Louise knows Rosa Maria couldn’t have killed Nora, but someone has gone to great lengths to frame her, and Louise will stop at nothing to clear the woman she loves.

Author: Diane Kelly
Read By: Minka Wiltz

Now that her moonshine shop is up and running, Hattie Hayes can focus her efforts on expanding her business to events in the area, like the Chattanooga Choo Choo Model Train Convention. But when an attendee dies after drinking some of Hattie’s moonshine, she’ll need to prove her innocence.

Ricki James leaves Los Angeles for New Orleans after her showboating actor husband perishes doing a stupid internet stunt. Ricki’s dream comes true when she joins the staff of Bon Vee Culinary House Museum.. Ricki is excited about turning collecting vintage cookbooks into a vocation…then she discovers that a box of donated vintage cookbooks contains the body of a Bon Vee employee who was fired after being exposed as a book thief.

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