Image of calligraphy surrounded by illustrated calligraphy instruments, under text that reads
Crack the Case While You Learn Calligraphy

Can you think of anything more delightfully old-timey than calligraphy? How about learning calligraphy while you listen to historical fiction mysteries on audio, with only candlelight to illuminate your page?

Learn the basics of curves and ovals with calligraphy starter tips from The Gift of Calligraphy by Maybelle Imasa-Stukuls. Once your ink pen starts gliding, pretend you’re a detective writing important correspondence alongside the protagonists of these cozy whodunnit audiobooks:

As the newest member of the Curiosity Club, Veronica Speedwell is excited to put her skills to good use. As she assembles a memorial exhibition for mountain climber Alice Baker-Greene, Veronica discovers that the recent death was not a climbing accident but murder. Add in a missing princess and a peace treaty on the verge of collapse, and you have a classic Veronica Speedwell mystery.

Maggie Hope started out as Winston Churchill’s secretary, but now she’s a secret agent…and the only one who can figure out how a missing violin ties into a series of horrifying murders. Little does Maggie know that investigating this dangerous predator will pit her against a new evil—and old enemies.

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