Holiday Craft
Crafting for the Holidays: Ornaments

In search of an easy holiday craft project that anyone can do? We have a great project for you. Turn on an audiobook to listen to while you make your own headphone-wearing snowmen and reindeer ornaments using tea lights.

*We found inspiration for these ornaments online. For more detailed step-by-step instructions, check it out here.* We modified the process to make our reindeer by using brown markers and constructing some antlers out of pipe cleaners. It’s simple!

Supplies needed:
Battery-operated tea lights
Ribbon (we also used string)
Red, orange, and brown permanent markers (we also used gold)
Hot glue gun
Black pom-poms
Pipe cleaners (black and brown)

While your hot glue gun heats up, cut your pipe cleaners to make the black headphones and the reindeer antlers. Also cut your ribbon to make the scarves and ties for your ornaments.

Ornament Craft Set up

Making the headphones, antlers, and faces.
Ornament craft 2

Tie the ribbon under the headphones on the reindeer to complete the ornament.
Ornament craft reindeer

Make the scarf for the snowman (glue the back of the scarf to the back of the light). Ensure that the scarf will not block the light switch on the back. Loop the ribbon under the headphones, and you’ll have a jolly little snowman!
Ornament craft snowman

Once you have finished the last two steps for each tea light, you’ll have a delightful set of new light-up ornaments for your tree.
Ornament craft reindeer

Happy crafting!