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Cuddle Up with Cozy Mysteries

Calling all snuggle bugs, you many-legged creatures who like being cozy and a little creepy. From missing aunts with a side of handsome violinists to escape rooms that turn deadly, there’s never a dull moment in the mystery-laden lives of our favorite sleuths:

Author: Amy Pershing
Read By: Patti Murin

Professional foodie Samantha Barnes has a simple Christmas list: a quiet holiday at home with her dog and a certain handsome harbor master. Unfortunately she’s got family visiting and she’s just stumbled over the lifeless body of the town’s Santa Claus. In An Eggnog to Die For, Sam needs to find out who slayed Santa—but can she pull off a perfect feast and nab a killer?

Author: Sherry Thomas
Read By: Kate Reading

In Miss Moriarty I Presume?, the latest installment of the Lady Sherlock series, Charlotte Holmes comes face to face with her enemy when Moriarty turns to her when he fears that tragedy has befallen his daughter. But the more secrets Charlotte unravels about Miss Moriarty’s disappearance, the more she wonders why Moriarty has entrusted this delicate matter to her of all people.

When the woman running the big regional dog show calls out sick, dog groomer Suz Holden is asked to take over. But it’s too much for her to handle by herself so she calls in her best friend, Kari Stuart, for help. But Kari soon realizes that she’s bitten off more than she can chew when Suz is framed for murder in Doggone Deadly.

Author: Olivia Blacke
Read By: Megan Tusing

Odessa Dean has made a home of Brooklyn. When she’s invited on a girls’ day out escape room adventure, she jumps at the chance. It’s all fun and games until the lights come on and they discover one of the girls bludgeoned to death. Crime–and criminally high rent–waits for no woman in No Memes of Escape. Can Odessa clear her name before the police decide she’s guilty?

In Coq Au Vin, the second installment of the Nanette Hayes Mystery series, Nanette’s beloved bohemian Aunt Vivian has gone missing somewhere in Paris. While swanning about her favorite city trying to track Viv down, Nan has a hard time keeping her attention on the task at hand…especially after she meets a handsome violinist. But trouble has a way of finding Nan, and her search for Vivian lands her in the underbelly of historic Paris.

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