Current Events: Dive into a New Subject

There are so many news stories coming out every day that, sometimes, you only have time to get quick soundbites on each topic. However, when a topic catches your interest—whether it’s the latest breaking news on Russia, or exploration of our criminal justice system—you can take a deeper dive into it by finding an audiobook dedicated to it.

Charged follows the story of two young people caught up in the criminal justice system. renowned journalist and legal commentator, Emily Bazelon, tracks both cases—from arrest and charging to trial and sentencing—and, with her trademark blend of deeply reported narrative, legal analysis, and investigative journalism, illustrates just how criminal prosecutions can go wrong and, more important, why they don’t have to.

“An important, thoughtful, and thorough examination of criminal justice in America that speaks directly to how we reduce mass incarceration.” —Bryan Stevenson, author of Just Mercy

The longest-serving senior advisor in the Obama White House shares her journey as a daughter, mother, lawyer, business leader, public servant, and leader in government at a historic moment in American history.

Taking readers into secret strategy calls and closed-door meetings from the House to the White House, Politico Playbook writers Jake Sherman and Anna Palmer share the startling inside story of Donald Trump’s first two years in Washington as viewed from Capitol Hill, where lawmakers on both sides of the aisle jockeyed for advantage as American politics reached a fevered pitch.

Author: Masha Gessen
Read By: Masha Gessen

National Book Award winner Masha Gessen’s biography is the chilling account of how a low-level, small-minded KGB operative ascended to the Russian presidency and, in an astonishingly short time, destroyed years of progress and made his country once more a threat to her own people and to the world.!

A descendant of Confederate General Robert E. Lee chronicles his story of growing up with the South’s most honored name, and the moments that forced him to confront the privilege, racism, and subversion of human dignity that came with it.

“Robert W. Lee IV’s coming of age story is an impassioned testimony of what it means to grow up with a famous name and realize it’s a curse—unless you find a way to use it for good.” —Samuel Wells, vicar of St Martin-in-the-Fields, London

A profound new rendering of the struggle by African-Americans for equality after the Civil War and the violent counter-revolution that resubjugated them, as seen through the prism of the war of images and ideas that have left an enduring racist stain on the American mind.

“It’s an absorbing and necessary look at an era in which the hard-fought gains of African-Americans were rolled back by embittered Southern whites — an era that, in some ways, has never really ended. . . . Gates’ analysis is predictably brilliant, but he’s also just a joy to read.” —NPR

From National Book Award finalist Megan K. Stack, a stunning memoir of raising her children abroad with the help of Chinese and Indian women who are also working mothers.

“A stunning and layered examination of gender, money, and power…Unflinching.” —Kate Tuttle, The Boston Globe