Current Events January 2019
Current Events: Exploring Economic Inequality

The shrinking of the middle class and economic inequality in the country is one of the many topics you can regularly find in the news. It is, in fact, a global issue. Economic disparity has been an ever-growing dilemma for thousands of years.

While it seems like a bleak problem, there are many thought leaders—and everyday people—trying to address it, educate others, and find solutions.

These audiobooks will do just that:

An insider’s groundbreaking investigation of how the global elite’s efforts to “change the world” preserve the status quo and obscure their role in causing the problems they later seek to solve.

“Anand Giridharadas takes a swipe at the global elite in a trenchant, provocative and well-researched book about the people who are notionally generating social change . . . Read it and beware.” —Martha Lane Fox, Financial Times, “Books of the Year 2018”

Hear the author talk about his recording process and why he was inspired to write this book on our podcast, This Is the Author.  

The Inner Level demonstrates that societies based on fundamental equalities, sharing and reciprocity generate much higher levels of well-being, and lays out the path towards them.

“Anyone who cares about the quality of our collective lives should be stunned by a profound finding: as societies become more unequal, they become less healthy, happy, safe and kind. And this does not just apply to those have-nots below society’s radar; it impacts everyone. For years, Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett have been the scientists most responsible for these findings, and in The Inner Level, they confront many of our most urgent problems in a clear, compelling way.” —Robert Sapolsky, author of Behave 

For the last five years, James and Deborah Fallows have been traveling across America. The America they saw is acutely conscious of its problems—from economic dislocation to the opioid scourge—but itis also crafting solutions, with a practical-minded determination at dramatic odds with the bitter paralysis of national politics. This is their account of a country remaking itself.

Our Towns, written and read by James and Deborah Fallows, offers an engrossing, entertaining, and, at times, surprising look at some of these places…Our Towns is an engaging listen about parts of the U.S. that are often overlooked.”  AudioFile

Listen to the authors chat about their audiobook on their episode of This Is the Author

The Crisis of the Middle-Class Constitution is a tour de force of history, philosophy, law, and politics. It makes a compelling case that inequality is more than just a moral or economic problem; it threatens the very core of our constitutional system.

He has done all of us a great service, taking an issue of overwhelming public importance, delving into its history, helping understand how our forebears handled it and building a platform to think about it today.”  —Angus Deaton, The New York Times Book Review

When The Storm Lake Times, a tiny Iowa twice-weekly, won a Pulitzer Prize for taking on big corporate agri-industry that was poisoning the local rivers and lake, it was a coup on many counts: a strike for the well-being of a rural community, a triumph for a family-run rural news weekly, and a salute to the special talents of a fierce and formidable native son, Art Cullen. Here Cullen explores the community he calls home, from its politics and agriculture to the environment and immigration.

“Author Art Cullen and narrator Chris Henry Coffey do the near impossible by making the audiobook listener care about the intimate details of life in an Iowa small town.”  AudioFile