China current events
Current Events: Spotlight on China

If you’re a foreign-policy news junkie, you know that east Asia has been in the news a lot, particularly US relations with China. To learn more about the history of that relationship and the politics behind it, listen to these audiobooks:

Asia's Reckoning

A compelling account of the widening geopolitical cracks in east Asia—a region that has flourished under an American security umbrella for more than a half century. The region, though, is entering a new era of instability and conflict. The United States laid the postwar foundations for modern Asia, now the anchor of the global economy, and Asia’s Reckoning reveals how that structure is falling apart.
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On China

In this sweeping and insightful history, Henry Kissinger turns for the first time at book length to a country he has known intimately for decades and whose modern relations with the West he helped shape.
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A Force So Swift
Author: Kevin Peraino
Read By: Paul Michael

A gripping narrative of the Truman Administration’s response to the fall of Nationalist China and the triumph of Mao Zedong’s communist forces in 1949—an extraordinary political revolution that continues to shape east Asian politics to this day. 
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Everything Under the Heavens

From the former New York Times Asia correspondent, this is an incisive investigation of China’s ideological development as it becomes an ever-more-aggressive player in regional and global diplomacy.
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