DARK MATTER Asks: What Do You Hold Dear?

Blake Crouch‘s¬†DARK MATTER¬†asks one of the most interesting questions of the summer, “Are you happy with your life?” This thrilling audio quickly¬†drags you into the story and has you wondering, what will happen next?

Jason Dessen has a fairly normal life‚ÄĒhe’s a science professor at a local college, his wife is an art teacher, and his son is a typical kid. So when he’s kidnapped by a mysterious man and asked if there is anything he’d like to change in his life, Jason doesn’t really know what to say. Not that he’s given much time to think, before the mysterious man drugs him and knocks him out.

When he wakes up, his life is completely topsy-turvy. He’s no longer a professor but a renowned physicist at the top of his game, discovering things beyond his wildest dreams. But on the flip side, his wife is no longer his wife, and his son was never born.

Is there a chance that¬†this is all just a dream? Or was the other world all made up? Jason struggles to separate the truth from fiction, and when he does, he’s thrown into a battle for everything he holds dear.

DARK MATTER is an exciting listen. Just when you think the story will go one way, it twists completely around to knock you off your feet. Fans of sci-fi, thrillers, and mysteries will certainly enjoy this audio. Jon Lindstrom perfectly captures the confusion and anxiety of a man caught in a whirl-wind situation.

This audio, even with its sci-fi twist, is incredibly relatable. It makes you think about the things you hold dear, and asks what you would do and how far will you go in order to obtain the life you truly want.

Listen to an excerpt of DARK MATTER read by Jon Lindstrom: