DC Trip: One Hilarious Ride

We can all agree that Washington, D.C. feels like a real-life circus these days, with every news channel cycling through the latest surreal event or bizarre sound bite from our Executive Branch. The phrase “truth is stranger than fiction” has never felt more real.

But in DC Trip by Sara Benincasa, a group of teachers and teenagers on a school trip to our country’s capital make the current politicians seem as innocent as newborn kittens.

Alicia Deats, a fresh-faced teacher at Flemington High School, could not be more excited to chaperone the sophomore trip to Washington, D.C. However, she has a little more on her mind than just the education of her students; she’s completely head over heels for Brian Kenner, the dorky math teacher who will be the only other adult on the trip. As their focus wanders off the students and on to each other, trouble starts to brew.

Gertie, Sivan, and Rachel are the kids you never expect to be in trouble, especially the kind of trouble that threatens to get them all expelled. But when the three smart, stubborn girls are tired of being bullied by the mean girls, an all-out war is declared and Flemington High students will never be the same.

DC Trip is a quick, fun, and downright hilarious listen. We’re thrilled to have the brilliantly talented author, Sara Benincasa, narrating the audio. Sara, who has written and starred in the short film The Focus Group and regularly performs standup comedy around the country, has the perfect voice to bring the endless school bus shenanigans to life.

DC Trip is published in paperback by Adaptive Books, and will soon be a movie, written by Sara herself. The book has received plenty of great reviews and was released on audio this week.

Listen to an excerpt from DC Trip, read by Sara Benincasa: DC TRIP

“Freaking hilarious”—NEWSWEEK.COM


“Increasingly surreal and madcap”—GAWKER.COM

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