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Dear Highlights: Magazine Memories From the Audio Team

Every year, thousands of children write to Highlights Magazine sharing their innermost thoughts and wishes like they’re writing to a trusted friend. Dear Highlights, the heartwarming audiobook narrated by a full cast and curated by Highlights editor-in-chief Christine French Cully, consists of correspondence between young Highlights readers and the editors who respond to all of them individually. What results is a unique, inside look at American childhood and a call to grown-ups to make time to actively listen to the children in their lives.

In celebration of the publication of Dear Highlights we asked the producers, director, and narrators of the audiobook to share their cherished Highlights memories with us:

“It was truly a joy and an honor to write the foreward to Dear Highlights. Highlights Magazine was an important part of my childhood, the childhoods of my children, and now the magazine touches the lives of my grandchildren. The beautiful questions in this volume — and the wise and compassionate answers provided by the Dear Highlights staff–have made their mark on my own work as a writer and advice-giver. I had to stop a couple of times during the audio recording of my section to wipe the tears away. That is a tribute to the importance of this book, as well as the personal impact of the work on my own life.”–Amy Dickinson, Writer and Narrator of the Foreword

Staci Snell“Directing this audiobook was such an honor. I was first introduced to Highlights through my public school library and looked forward to reading each issue cover to cover. Looking back over the decades, through the letters in this book, was so heartwarming. Finding out each and every letter was answered, revealed how seriously this magazine takes children. Long live Highlights!”–Staci Snell, Director

Highlights was the first package I ever got in the mail, and one of the first things I remember feeling was truly mine. It made doctor’s visits less scary and rainy days more fun—Highlights made it cool to be a curious kid who loved to read.”–Lauren Klein, Associate Producer

Highlights Magazine was one of the first pieces of mail that was ‘mine’ – it came with my name on the mailing label, and I’d read it as soon as it came in. My sister and I would pour over the drawings and the poems, but I always went first for the jokes.”–Nick Martorelli, Executive Producer

“The day that Highlights arrived in my elementary classroom was always an event! We would all be quiet at our desks, devouring the new issue. I especially loved all the colorful illustrations that accompanied each article.”–Cassandra Morris

“I grew up reading Highlights and loved the stories and activities so much and couldn’t wait for each issue to come out! My mom and grandma did too! I still have some of my grandma’s old Highlights editions and hers had really cool hard back covers. And it’s so cool that they are still releasing new issues. In a world where everything is digital now it’s great to see Highlights is still a magazine that kids can look forward to arriving in their mailbox just like me and my mom and grandma did!”–Julie Shields

“This text such a joy to work on and record. To tap into younger minds and see the world through that filter of innocence we all once had, reminded me how similar we all are. There was a version of me in each and every one of those letters.”–Hemi Yeroham

Highlights magazine was always there for me as a kid, whether I was anxiously awaiting my turn at the dentist or I was flipping through its pages at the local public library. There were so many adventures to be had, treasures to find, and puzzles to solve behind that one of a kind Highlights cover. Now years later, I had the pleasure of sitting down and taking another look and to no surprise I felt as welcomed and inspired as I did before.”–Jamie Brown

Yuuki Luna“Being a part of the Dear Highlights cast made me flash back to my childhood years when I used to read this magazine with my family; it felt nostalgic to read this book! It was such a gift to read and learn from the children’s letters, relate to their words, and bring my voice to their stories.”–Yuuki Luna

“I shared with Olivia that I grew up reading Highlights Magazine and how it helped me connect with my peers…while there were things we didn’t always talk to each other about in school, knowing that other kids had similar things that they think about or deal with created a sense of community.”–Shaan Dasani

“Working on this audiobook was a particular treat; the letters children wrote to Highlights Magazine were nothing short of astonishing. They were candid, inspired, silly, frankly honest, and often downright heart wrenching. It’s a pretty extraordinary thing that so many of us implicitly trusted the magazine with our innermost thoughts. Moreover it’s replete with games, puzzles and teeming with knowledge. As a young girl, I would dread seeing the pediatrician, but I was reminded she had Highlights Magazines, and getting lost in them made the time in the waiting room pass right on by. A true gift of a publication, and I could not be more happy to be a part of the audiobook.”–Carla Corvo

“Ever since I was a child I’ve loved receiving snail mail. Back in the day, I would keep my eyes peeled for holiday cards, packages, and, of course, the plastic sleeve of each month’s Highlights Magazine. As the only child of a superwoman single mother, Highlights held my hand when my mom couldn’t—giving me educational games and puzzles to play, providing inspiring stories of children doing incredible things, and offering much-needed advice in the Dear Highlights section. I still remember circling all of my discoveries in Hidden Pictures, my favorite game! This week my niece Gaby turned 10, and sitting on the gift table was this summer’s copy of Highlights. I couldn’t resist and turned the page. Easy recipes for Watermelon Pizza! A step-by-step DIY for Sponge Water Bombs! Interviews with this year’s Olympians and Paralympians! I kept turning. Later that afternoon I asked Gaby why she liked Highlights. She yelped, ‘The puzzles! Also, my friend got it before. I really love the magazine. It’s a fun thing to get your mind off of other stuff.’ Gaby made me a pinkie promise she would send a letter to the magazine soon. Like me, she’s a fan of snail mail and a woman of her word. So get your pencils ready, Highlights! She’ll be waiting by the mailbox for your response.”–Allison Strong

“I used to spend my summers at the local library and the first thing I would do when I got there was read Highlights magazine. My favorite part of the magazine was looking for all the hidden things in the hidden pictures section.”–Greta Jung

“Getting the opportunity to record these letters instantly sent me back to my childhood. I called my mom with the news, and she was just as thrilled as I was! She introduced me to the magazine after finding out about them while being on the PTO. Reading them together are some of my fondest memories.”–Angel Pean

Listen to a clip from Dear Highlights:

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