Discovering THE POWER OF MEANING with Emily Esfahani Smith

“For millions, both with and without faith, the search for meaning here on earth has become incredibly urgent—yet ever more elusive.”

In her new book The Power of Meaning, Emily Esfahani Smith explores how people can make their lives more meaningful. Listening to this audiobook is the perfect way to start the new year.

Both the narration and the writing are inspiring. Mozhan Marno reads in a steady, calming manner that is appealing. The audiobook briefly begins with Smith’s childhood—raised in a Sufi household where love for others was greatly emphasized. From Sufism, she presents four pillars that comprise a meaningful life: belonging, purpose, storytelling, and transcendence. These four pillars guide the narrative of her audiobook.

What makes The Power of Meaning so engaging is not just the holistic message of love, compassion, and working to help others, but Smith’s stories of real life people. Along the way, we meet everyone from street cart vendors to successful (and unlikely) entrepreneurs to psychologists and beyond who share their uplifting stories.

The Power of Meaning will leave you inspired to become a force of positivity in the world:

“…meaning is not something that we create within ourselves and for ourselves. Rather, meaning largely lies in others. Only through focusing on others do we build the pillar of belonging for both ourselves and for them. If we want to find meaning in our own lives, we have to begin by reaching out.”

That sentiment is reenergizing at the start of a fresh year—and one to carry with us every day after.
Listen to an excerpt from The Power of Meaning, read by Mozhan Marno: THE POWER OF MEANING

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